Wow! Cost Decreases Coming to Walt Disney World Resort

If you’ve been to Walt Disney World Resort over the last few years, it seems impossible to think costs would go down. But It’s Finally here!

This is one of the first big moves from Bob Iger since returning to Disney as CEO. And let’s hope its not the last.

So let’s dig in to the changes that will impact your upcoming trip in 2023.

Photo Pass will be included with Genie Plus

Starting in 2023 Photo Pass Attraction photos will be included in Genie Plus. This is a big change for upcoming visits to Walt Disney World. Photo Pass and Genie Plus have been separate charges that could add up .  The release does not address pictures taken in front of the castle or other areas. But Photo Pass Cast Members will take a photo for you with your own phone.

Memory Maker packages covered this for previous trips and could range in price for single day $69 to $199 for total trip if not pre-purchased. So depending on the length of the trip, this could be a big savings for your trip.

Free Parking at Disney World Resorts

Starting on January 10th, overnight parking for guests of the Walt Disney World Resorts will be Free. Even better, standard parking will also continue to be free at the Theme Parks. This is a big savings for guests that drive their own vehicle or use a rental vehicle.

Depending on the resort the charge could range from $13 to $24.

Cost Change Conclusions    

Everyone that has been to the parks recently has felt the impact of cost changes implemented over the last few years. This is definitely a step in the right direction and immediately can take a few hundred dollars off your trip if you are planning a 7, 10, 14-day vacation at Disney World.

Now that you may be taking a second look at your trip and overall package, we have some great resources available that go over each resort and recommendations.

See you in the parks!

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