Unpopular Disney World Opinions: 5 Things You’ll Only Hear From the Most Dedicated Fans!

When it comes to Disney World, people are never shy about sharing their opinions on the parks. There are many commonly shared opinions among guests. Still, on any social media site, you can find people sharing their “unpopular” thoughts about the Disney theme parks.

We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 unpopular Disney World opinions.

Entertainment Attractions Are One of the Best Parts of Disney

When discussing an upcoming Disney trip, most people say they are excited about a specific ride. While it is true that Disney World’s rides are worth standing in line for, the entertainment at Disney World needs to be more underrated. 

If every ride were to shut down at any Disney World park, you could still have a fun and magical day. Unfortunately, many people tend to skip over some of Disney’s best attractions in favor of more popular rides and attractions.

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Monsters Inc Laugh Floor

At the Magic Kingdom, you can take a break from the heat at the Monsters, Inc Laugh Floor over in Tomorrowland. The monster hosts interact with the audience to try to collect more laughs to power Monstropolis. If you’re lucky, you might even be part of the show! I laugh every time I visit this attraction.

Turtle Talk with Crush

Over in Epcot, Turtle Talk with Crush is another excellent form of interactive entertainment. This attraction is about 15 minutes and is fun for kids and adults! It’s similar to Monsters, Inc Laugh Floor in that it’s a very interactive show. You’ll be able to ask Crush any questions about the ocean, turtles, or even the meaning of life. Even if you don’t have anything to ask, listening to him interact with the other guests is always a good time. Epcot is also known for having live music throughout the World Showcase that you can enjoy.

Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular

In Hollywood Studios, the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular is always a must-see. Guests can learn how their favorite stunts are done entertainingly and engagingly as they watch Indiana Jones fight, leap, and escape from various dangerous situations. A trip to Hollywood Studios is only complete by checking out this attraction.  

And finally, Animal Kingdom offers one of my favorite Disney World shows. Festival of the Lion King is a 40-minute retelling of the famous classic Disney movie. This show features acrobatics, live singing, and fun puppetry of the main characters. This attraction always makes it to the top of my must-do list despite not being a thrilling ride. 

So as much fun as the rides are, Disney’s entertainment sets it apart as a theme park.

Animal Kingdom is Underrated

It’s always disappointing to hear people say Animal Kingdom is the best park to skip when you need more time to visit all four parks. Some even equate it to an overpriced zoo!

The truth is that there are many reasons to dedicate an entire day to Animal Kingdom. First, the Kilimanjaro Safaris is worth the wait, especially on cooler or rainy days when the animals are more active. You can see giraffes and zebras out in the open and learn about what Disney is doing to try to help endangered species around the globe.

Animal Kingdom is also home to some of the best food in the parks! Satu’li Canteen at Pandora has some of the best lunch options in the park. I can’t imagine skipping out on Animal Kingdom if it means I’ll miss out on Cheeseburger Bao Buns or a Night Blossom slushie. 

Peter Pan’s Flight Isn’t Worth the Wait

Don’t get me wrong: Peter Pan’s Flight in Magic Kingdom is a good ride. The interactive queue is one of the best in the parks. However, it isn’t worth waiting more than 30 minutes for or dropping the rope. When the park first opens, I would much instead head toward Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or the newly opened Tron Lightcycle Run

Yes, it’s cool that Peter Pan was one of the original parks in California’s Disneyland when Walt Disney first opened. Still, I struggle to see the hype, even after riding it multiple times. 

Park Hoppers Aren’t Worth It

Being able to park hop during your Disney World trip sounds appealing. It would allow you to get more done, but at the end of the day, it isn’t worth paying extra for a ticket. Complimentary transportation between the parks is convenient but too time-consuming, so it’s a better use of your time to dedicate an entire park to each day.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Is Overrated

If you’re a big fan of Beauty and the Beast, it’s worth trying to get a reservation at Be Our Guest at least once in your lifetime. Unfortunately, I was slightly disappointed after my initial awe of the restaurant’s beauty. Yes, it is fantastic to see the snow falling outside. The dark and forbidden West Wing, but I don’t need to go again when there are so many other places to eat in the parks.

The character interaction with the Beast during your meal is almost nonexistent. He walks through the dining area every 30 minutes or so, but you may miss seeing him depending on where you’re sitting. You can meet him after your meal, so I understand the hype behind this restaurant if you’re really set on meeting the Beast. This is the only place in the park you’re guaranteed to get a picture with him.

The food is alright, but it is expensive, and there are better steaks elsewhere on Disney property.

Mickey Waffles

Summary of Our Unpopular Opinions

At the end of the day, everyone goes to Disney World for different reasons. We all have individual opinions about the most Magical Place on Earth. What are your unpopular Disney World opinions?

Whether you’re traveling with young children, teens, or adults, we’ve got you covered. From the whimsical fun of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort to the luxurious elegance of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, we’ve got something for everyone. So look at our resort reviews and start planning your dream Disney vacation today!

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