Unique Boat ride in the Amphicar at Disney Springs

Don’t miss this one of a kind experience of riding in an Amphicar at Disney Springs. Your family will get a 20 minute cruise around the sights at Disney Springs. The boat launch is located at The Landing and reservations can be inside at the The BOATHOUSEĀ® BOATIQUE.

Family Riding in the Amphicar at Disney Springs

What is an Amphicar?

These amphicars are amphibious cabriolet-style vehicles that can function as automobiles on land and boats in water. It will heighten your experience as it transitions from a car to a boat in no time.

Cabriolets don’t have any roof in place which heightens the experience when the driver propels the car from to the water. Amphicars are vintage cars that were manufactured in 1961. They are quite rare as there are only over 300 of them that exist in the world today.

Paging Mr. Morrow Riding in the Amphicar with Family

Where are the Amphicars located in Disney Springs?

Once you get to Disney Springs, you can then proceed to The Landing where The Boathouse restaurant is located. You don’t have to dine at The Boathouse restaurant in order to avail of their amphicar ride but they do offer discounts to diners. The Amphicar Launch ride costs $125 for non-diners and a discounted rate of $100 for dining customers at the restaurant.

Amphicar sitting on the dock by the Boathouse

How to get to Disney Springs

Disney Springs is a magical location and you can get there by riding a bus, water taxi, or even by simply walking your way along the water. Many resorts offer a water taxi service to their guests who wants to visit Disney Springs which is very convenient. However, if you’re staying in a resort close to Disney Springs or just simply want to enjoy the view at your own pace, then consider taking a walk to the location instead.

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