The Skyliner at Walt Disney World Resort elevates Transportation Options

The Skyliner at Walt Disney World Resort connects select resorts to EPCOT and Hollywood studios through a system of gondolas and stations. Think fancy ski resort gondolas but in central Florida. Each Gondola can hold up to 10 people but the best benefit for parents is the ability to roll your stroller right on without folding it up.

Where are the hubs located?

There are 5 Skyliner hubs throughout Walt Disney World.

EPCOT International Gateway

Hollywood Studios

Pop Century / Art of Animation

Caribbean Beach Resort

Riviera Resort

Skyliner Route at Walt Disney World

Who can use the Skyliner?

Just like any other form of Disney Transportation, it’s not just for Disney Resort Guests. If you parked at Hollywood Studios, but have a lunch reservation at Topolino’s Terrace, you can ride the skyliner over to Riviera Resort.  It’s really that easy and one of the biggest benefits of the gondola system, plus you get an amazing view of Walt Disney World Resort on the ride over.

What are the operating times of the Skyliner?

The operating hours for the gondolas tend to vary depending on what time the parks are opening and closing, but you can typically find them starting from around 7:30 am to 11 pm.  The normal run time is about an hour before the parks open till an hour after they close. If in doubt, be sure to check the My Disney Experience App the day you choose to ride.

Skyliner Q&A

Here are some general questions that come up when talking about the Skyliner. Let’s dig in and answer these directly.

Is there any cost to ride the Skyliner?

No, its absolutely free. And it really feels like an attraction on its own before you ever get to the park. 

Does the Skyliner ever shut down?

Great question and its good to be prepared! The Skyliner does stop running in inclement weather so be prepared to take a bus or other form of Disney transportation if needed.  There are also occasional maintenance down times just like any other ride system.

Are the Gondola cars Handicap Accessible?

Yes, the Cast Member at the hub will help get you in the correct ride vehicle depending on the need.

Lots of great questions this week! Submit your questions in the comments section and we’ll address those on the next show.

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