Animal Kingdom with Preschoolers

A lot of how well the trip goes depends on preparation, which I go in to in more detail in the Magic Kingdom with Preschoolers article. In regard to Animal Kingdom with Preschoolers. you have to have a different mindset than any of the other parks. At first glance you may think there isn't much... Continue Reading →

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Announced for 2024

Tiana's Bayou Adventure was officially announced today as coming in late 2024 to replace Splash Mountain at Disneyland and Disney World. The refresh of Splash Mountain was discussed in 2022 but this is the first time Disney has released timeline. Let's all cross our fingers this one gets done on time; compared to Tron Light... Continue Reading →

EPCOT with Preschoolers

EPCOT is a great theme park for preschoolers. A big part of having a great outing is prepping before going to the park. I've outlined some general tips in my article about Magic Kingdom with Preschoolers. Be sure to check that one out for general tips before arriving. I think the perception is that EPCOT... Continue Reading →

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