Top 5 Pools at Disney World for Kids

If you’ve ever traveled to Disney World with young children then you know the importance of booking a resort with the perfect pool.

For some families, the pool is just as important as the parks themselves. So if your children count down the seconds to when they can go back to the hotel and swim, this article is for you!

To help you with your Disney World vacation planning, we created a list of the top five best pools Disney World Resorts offer. Let’s dive in!

5. Doubloon Lagoon

Located at the Port Orleans French Quarter Resort, Doubloon Lagoon is the perfect pool for young children. Your kids will love all 51 feet of the SerpentDragonSnake slide that leads down to a large pool with a band of jazz-playing alligators. It’s a great place to steal some photo opportunities.

Another great feature at Doubloon Lagoon is their splash pad. Since not all Disney pools have a splash zone (yet), it’s an excellent place for your littles who love the water but aren’t ready to swim yet.

For parents, the Mardi Grogs pool bar offers a nice variety of drinks, so you can sit back and sip your cares away while your kids play.

Doubloon Lagoon

4. The Lost City of Cibola Pool

Your family will want to strap in for an adventure when they visit The Lost City of Cibola Pool, located at Coronado Springs Resort. The Mayan-themed pool boasts a giant pyramid, elaborate Myan ruins, and a 123-foot water slide.

Other great amenities include a kiddie pool, Iguana arcade, and a play area for kids. Parents will enjoy the siesta bar, white sand volleyball courts, and Disney’s largest hot tub. With a capacity of 22, there’s plenty of room to soak away those sore park-hopping muscles.

The Lost City of Cibola Pool

3. Lava Pool

For your Moana-loving brood, the Polynesian Resort offers a Hawaiian-themed pool with a volcano, waterfalls, a tiki-themed splash area, and an awesome volcano-traversing 142-foot slide! It’s the perfect spot for insta-worthy photos!

Other amenities include an infinity-edge hot tub, nearby beach areas, and a gorgeous view of Seven Seas Lagoon. It’s safe to say that Lava Pool has the best views of any pool on the Disney campus.

Mom and Dad can enjoy drinks at the Barefoot Pool Bar, and the whole family will love the Dole Whips at Pineapple Lanai. The Lava Pool offers fun in and outside of the pool.

Lava Pool at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

2. Big Blue Pool

Your Nemo-loving youngsters will love Big Blue Pool, located at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. As the largest pool on Disney property, it is an ocean-loving oasis for kids of any age.

Some unique features available at Big Blue pool are the large splash zone for young swimmers, a playground area for kids, and giant set pieces inspired by Finding Nemo.

Parents will love the Drop-Off Pool Bar that boasts spiked Dole whips and smoothies with rum. It’s also the perfect place to grab snacks and drinks for hungry little swimmers.

Swimmers young and old will love listening to music as they swim underwater. For a truly magical swimming experience, you can’t beat Big Blue Pool.

Big Blue Pool at Art of Animation

1. Stormalong Bay

Finally, we come to the pinnacle of all pools on Disney World properties — Stormalong Bay. Boasting three acres of aquatic fun, it’s a swimmer’s paradise.

From their sand-bottomed pool to their lazy river — this resort has it all. Kids will love sliding down the 230-foot life-like shipwrecked water slide. It’s the largest water slide at any Disney resort. Meanwhile, parents will enjoy the elevated tanning deck and choice of three different whirlpool spas. 

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a quiet and secluded kiddie pool just behind the shipwreck slide for young swimmers. Parents and children will find solace in the beach-like sand-bottomed pool with tons of space for playing in the sand and building sandcastles. 

Hurricane Hannah’s Waterside Bar and Grill is the perfect spot to wind down. Their small, yet mighty menu of tasty food is the perfect respite after a long day of water adventures.

Stormalong Bay Pool at Yacht & Beach Club Resort

Which Will You Choose?

We hope our list of the best pools Disney Resorts offer helps you narrow down your vacation planning options.

No matter what Disney Resort you choose from the list, your family will have a great time soaking up the sun and splashing around.

Want to learn even more about the resorts? Check out our reviews!

Save Money on Disney World Tickets

Already have the time off request in, flights booked, and room reserved? Now is the time to focus on saving as much money as possible on Walt Disney World theme park tickets. Whether you’re taking the kids to Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, or Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we’ll explore a few of the options to save on 2022 ticket options.

Weekday Visits Theme Park Visits

Walt Disney World moved to a variable ticket pricing system years ago that moves the price based on expected Park Visits. Choose a more popular day and the price goes up. What are some of the most popular times to go? You guessed it, the weekend! Its a time that a lot of locals will go to the park as well as people trying to extend their vacation. So be sure to look at the calendar for the week you are going. It’s never a bad idea to use a resort day during a busy park day.

The calendar for August 2022 shows a great example of how this works. All of the Saturdays are $139 but the lowest weekday price is $109.

By Day Pricing for Theme Park Tickets

Disney Discount Gift Cards

Another great way, and possibly the easiest, is to buy discount gift cards through a retailer or card reseller site.

Sam’s Club Gift Cards

Sam’s Club sells lots of discount cards in store and online. The $50 gift card is only $47.98, which is a 4% discount. It may not sound like a lot but it adds up quickly on larger trips.

Sam’s Club Discount Disney Gift Cards


At target, you can use the Redcard and receive a 5% discount.


Raise is an online reseller of gift cards. They not only have Disney cards but many other travel cards such as Southwest,, Airbnb, etc. Can be a great way to save on multiple parts of your trip. Follow the link to Raise and start saving money today on all gift cards!

Military Discount for Disney World Theme Park Tickets

Walt Disney world has several promotions going on for Military families. This offer could also be stacked with one of the discount gift card strategies above for even more savings.

5-Day Disney Military Salute Tickets Purchase now through December 16, 2022.

  • With the Park Hopper Option: $349 plus tax
  • With the Park Hopper Plus Option: $379 plus tax
  • With the Park Hopper Option and Disney Genie+ service: $424 plus tax
  • With the Park Hopper Plus Option and Disney Genie+ service: $454 plus tax

4-Day Disney Military Salute Tickets Purchase now through December 16, 2022.

  • With the Park Hopper Option: $329 plus tax
  • With the Park Hopper Plus Option: $359 plus tax
  • With the Park Hopper Option and Disney Genie+ service: $389 plus tax
  • With the Park Hopper Plus Option and Disney Genie+ service: $419 plus tax

Walt Disney World Florida Resident Discount

If you are a Florida resident, don’t book any tickets with Disney without checking out all the Florida resident discounts. There are lots going on throughout the year and can change as well as park demand fluctuates. Below is just one of the great deals right now for a 4 day ticket.

Florida Residents can experience the magic of the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks and save big on tickets!

Enjoy an action packed visit to Walt Disney World Resort! Florida Residents can save 40% on 4-Day Tickets and 30% on 3-Day Tickets compared to the non-Florida Resident price of a 3-Day or 4-Day Ticket.

Have you found any other great deals on Walt Disney World Tickets for 2022? We would love to hear about it!

Save Even More at a Great Disney Springs Hotel

We’ve stayed at the Holiday Inn right next to Disney Springs and it was a great experience. The rooms, amenities, and pool are comparable to a moderate resort at Disney World without the extra price. Go check out our Holiday Inn Disney Springs Review.

The Top 10 Things to Do at Disney World for the Whole Family

Whether you’re spending the day at Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, or Animal Kingdom, nothing beats a Walt Disney World vacation experience!

With 100+ attractions and experiences to choose there is a veritable cornucopia of options to consider when selecting a Top 10 List at Disney. Therefore, we’ve structured this list to meet the needs of different families.

You’ll see parts of our list that share toddler-friendly Disney experiences and the best Disney experiences for tweens, teens, and children of all ages.

So whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned Disney World pro at building wonderful vacation experiences, you will find something on the list that meets your needs.

Our Top 10 List of Disney Experiences for the Whole Family in 2022

The most magical thing about Disney is its ability to incorporate family fun for all ages. With that goal in mind, we have created a top 10 list of things to do for the whole family

Whether you’re waiting for your chance at the big rides; or have your pick of any ride — we’ve got you covered. Here is our list of the top 10 rides at Disney World for young and old.

10. Frozen Ever After (Toddlers and kids of any age)

Did you know that Epcot is home to the second-most rides with no height restrictions on the Disney World campus? It’s true! That makes it the perfect place to get some toddler ride action in.

One of our very favorite rides for children of all ages at Epcot is Frozen Ever After ride.

Climb aboard this slow-moving boat ride and experience the wonder and magic of Arendale. Your toddler will love singing along to their favorite songs from the movie as the characters bring to life the beauty of the Frozen world.

Entrance to Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom

9. Kilimanjaro Safaris (Toddlers and kids of any age)

Does your toddler love animals? If so, you can’t beat the excitement and adventure that comes with the Kilimanjaro Safari ride.

Hop over to Animal Kingdom for this 18-minute thrill ride that takes you through the African plains. You’ll dip and dodge poachers. All the while, your experienced guide will point out safari animals living up close. Experience giraffes, hippos, elephants, and so much more on this amazing wildlife adventure.

8. Toy Story Mania (Toddlers and kids of any age)

Step into the world of Pixar at Hollywood Studios Toy Story Mania ride. Your toddler will love the interactive 3-D experience where they can shoot at targets in Andy’s room to earn points.

The slow-moving tram will guide you through five interactive games:

  • Hamm & Eggs
  • Rex & Trixie’s Dino Parts
  • Green Army Shoot Camp
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Flying Tossers
  • Woody’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’ Gallery

Each game provides interactive shooting fun for your pint-sized hero.

7. Peter Pan’s Flight (Toddlers and kids of any age)

Raise your hand if you ever dreamed of flying through the air and fighting pirates in Never Land

You don’t have to be a little kid to enjoy the age-old experience of hopping aboard the pirate galleon and dueling with Captain Hook’s cronies. Steal away into the night as Peter Pan takes you on high-top adventures over London. Swoop down into Pirate’s Cove as you descend into danger. You’ll get back in just enough time for your parents to never suspect a thing.

6. Soarin’ Around the World (Kids, Tweens, Teens, and Adults)

Still want the high-flying action without all the childlike drama? No problem! You can explore the wonders of the world as you take flight high above the world to destinations across the globe. Fly high above the Egyptian pyramids. Glide atop the Great Wall of China and fly past the Taj Mahal.

You’ll experience flight like never before in this 180-degree thrill ride.

5. Space Mountain (Kids, Tweens, Teens, and Adults)

Have you ever dreamed of flying out into space where it’s just you and the ever-expanding galaxy? Now you can experience it in true Disney fashion.

On this high-flying coaster, you’ll dart past satellites, weave through shooting stars, and spiral through galactic wormholes as you experience the weight of gravity and all its cylindrical force. Throw in a dark atmosphere, and you’ll feel like you’ve just glided into space at warped speed. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

4. Rock “n” Roller Coaster (Tweens, Teens, and Adults)

Because nothing is more rock “n” roll than Hollywood, experience the rock “n” roll lifestyle at 60 miles per hour on this 48-inch required exhilarating coaster at Hollywood Studios.

You’ll listen to legendary Aerosmith hits as you zoom past famous Hollywood landmarks. You’ll drive at top speed as you hold on through two corkscrews and one loop to make it to the show on time.

Winnie The Pooh and Piglet 50th Statue in Magic Kingdom

3. Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind (Tweens, Teens, and Adults)

This 360-degree roller coaster experience is like no other. Not only is it one of the largest indoor roller coasters in the world, but it also interweaves stunning visuals with death-defying galactic battles.

You’ll start off exploring Galaxarium, where you’ll experience the worlds of Xandar and planet Earth. As soon as your tour is about to end, you’ll be thrust into a galactic battle of epic proportions only to be brought back safely by the Guardians of the Galaxy themselves.

With the help of Rocket, Groot, Gamora, and Star-Lord, you experience space in an entirely new and bold way.

2. Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run (Kids, Tweens, Teens, and Adults)

Experience the moment of hyperspace as you man the pilot, gunner, or engineer positions aboard the Millennium Falcon on the Smuggler’s Run ride. Can you outrun The Empire’s fierce fleet of TIE Fighters before it’s too late?

Along your journey, you’ll gather important canisters needed for the rebel army. It’s up to you and your crew to bring back the goods and keep up the pressure against The Empire. Do you have what it takes?

1. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (Kids, Tweens, Teens, and Adults)

Hop aboard the most high-tech ride Disney has to offer with the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride! With a height requirement of 40 inches, kids young and old can enjoy their chance to play a role in the mission of The Rebellion.

As a member of The Rebellion, you must be ready for many twists of fate and adventure that awaits you and your fellow passengers. When a First Order Star Destroyer boards your transport, you stand alone against a large army of stormtroopers and Kylo Ren himself.

Will you have the courage to face The Empire and keep the hope of The Rebellion alive? Can Rey and BB-8 save the day? Only time will tell.

Book Your Dream Disney Vacation Today!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the top 10 things to do at Disney World for the whole family. With many popular options for rides and attractions for kids of any age, Disney World is truly a magical vacation getaway spot.

If you’re looking for more Disney magic, please be sure to check out the rest of our blog. We’ll be sharing tips and tricks to create the best Disney experiences ever. For resorts, we have personal reviews on off property Disney Hotels, Pop Century, and Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

We hope you have a magical time!

The Skyliner at Walt Disney World Resort elevates Transportation Options

The Skyliner at Walt Disney World Resort connects select resorts to EPCOT and Hollywood studios through a system of gondolas and stations. Think fancy ski resort gondolas but in central Florida. Each Gondola can hold up to 10 people but the best benefit for parents is the ability to roll your stroller right on without folding it up.

Where are the hubs located?

There are 5 Skyliner hubs throughout Walt Disney World.

EPCOT International Gateway

Hollywood Studios

Pop Century / Art of Animation

Caribbean Beach Resort

Riviera Resort

Skyliner Route at Walt Disney World

Who can use the Skyliner?

Just like any other form of Disney Transportation, it’s not just for Disney Resort Guests. If you parked at Hollywood Studios, but have a lunch reservation at Topolino’s Terrace, you can ride the skyliner over to Riviera Resort.  It’s really that easy and one of the biggest benefits of the gondola system, plus you get an amazing view of Walt Disney World Resort on the ride over.

What are the operating times of the Skyliner?

The operating hours for the gondolas tend to vary depending on what time the parks are opening and closing, but you can typically find them starting from around 7:30 am to 11 pm.  The normal run time is about an hour before the parks open till an hour after they close. If in doubt, be sure to check the My Disney Experience App the day you choose to ride.

Skyliner Q&A

Here are some general questions that come up when talking about the Skyliner. Let’s dig in and answer these directly.

Is there any cost to ride the Skyliner?

No, its absolutely free. And it really feels like an attraction on its own before you ever get to the park. 

Does the Skyliner ever shut down?

Great question and its good to be prepared! The Skyliner does stop running in inclement weather so be prepared to take a bus or other form of Disney transportation if needed.  There are also occasional maintenance down times just like any other ride system.

Are the Gondola cars Handicap Accessible?

Yes, the Cast Member at the hub will help get you in the correct ride vehicle depending on the need.

Lots of great questions this week! Submit your questions in the comments section and we’ll address those on the next show.

Why stay at a Walt Disney World Deluxe Resort?

Walt Disney World Resort Deluxe Resorts, while pricey, are a great option when wanting to create a memorable stay. These resorts offer the highest resort quality that Disney World has to offer; as well as a unique combination of resort amenities, restaurants, and proximity to the parks. That’s why you’ll see a lot of Disney World guests make a visit to these resorts a part of their vacation plans.

Added Benefits of Deluxe Resorts

Not only will you be staying at the nicest resorts on Walt Disney World Property but there are also several key benefits. It’s important to take these in to account because it adds a lot of value to the stay.

I don’t think you can ever underestimate the proximity of the deluxe resorts to Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom depending on the resort. The Contemporary and Grand Floridian are less than a 10 minute walk from Magic Kingdom. How nice is that after a long day? I love the Monorail but a quick walk back to my room is always a winner!

Guests at Deluxe Resorts receive Extended Evening Theme Park Hours at magic Kingdom and EPCOT on select evenings. As of today, there are an additional 2 hours only for Deluxe Guests to enjoy the park. This is a huge benefit and can greatly increase the chances you get to ride all your favorites . Listed below are the rides available at each park:

Magic Kingdom Park

  • It’s a Small World
  • Astro Orbiter
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
  • Country Bear Jamboree
  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Mad Tea Party
  • Mickey’s PhilharMagic
  • Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Prince Charming Regal Carrousel
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  • Space Mountain
  • Swiss Family Treehouse
  • The Barnstormer
  • The Magic Carpets of Aladdin
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  • Tomorrowland Speedway
  • Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid
  • Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room


  • Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along
  • Frozen Ever After
  • Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind – New!
  • Mission: SPACE
  • Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure
  • Soarin’ Around the World
  • Spaceship Earth
  • Test Track
  • The Seas with Nemo & Friends

Bay Lake Deluxe Resorts

Bay Lake is located alongside Magic Kingdom and has 4 of the Deluxe Resorts located within walking distance, Monorail, or Friendship Boat ride.

  • Disney’s Contemporary Resort
  • Disney’s Grand Floridian
  • Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort
  • Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

So if you plan on spending a lot of time at Magic Kingdom or going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, these are great options to consider. Each of these also have very unique restaurants that are worth a trip even if you aren’t staying there. A personal favorite is character dining at Chef Mickey’s inside Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Disney’s Grand Floridian

EPCOT Deluxe Resorts

The Deluxe Resorts surrounding EPCOT are a great option for exploring EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. There are 3 Deluxe Disney Resorts located here.

  • Disney’s Boardwalk Inn
  • Disney’s Yacht Club Resort
  • Disney’s Beach Club Resort

We stayed at Disney’s Beach Club Resort in December and it was great for park hopping. We would spend the morning at Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios and park hop to EPCOT to end the day. The 10 minute walk from EPCOT to the room was worth the price on its own. We have a preschooler that uses a stroller and the convenience of not getting on and off transportation was great.

If you’ve never spent time around the Boardwalk, its worth a trip over. There is a lot going on in the area and they have a mix of restaurants that cater to everyone.

Disney’s Beach Club Stormalong Bay

Other Deluxe Resorts at Walt Disney World

The last but definitely not least, Disney World Deluxe Resort is Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. It may be the most unique in the entire list and I highly recommend watching the video to get full tour.

If you’ve ever wanted to stay overnight at a zoo or on safari, this is the place for you. There are 4 savannahs that surround the park and provide amazing views of the wildlife that lives on the grounds. There are also rooms that overlook the savannahs where you can see African wildlife, including zebras, giraffes, gazelles, kudu and flamingos.

Qunicy from All Ears visits Animal Kingdom Lodge

I know there are other non Disney Deluxe Resorts such as Swan and Dolphin, but I really wanted to just stick to official Disney for this post. My plan is to create another post that really digs in to those resorts and how they compare with their closest Disney Deluxe Resort.

Affiliate Disclosure

Sometimes I use affiliate links. That just means that I may earn a commission when you use one of the products or services that I write reviews for. My goal is to write blog posts about my experience and share that with you. If you end up purchasing based on a review on the site, I might get back a few dollars to plan the next Disney World Trip. I’m trying to find a good balance where I take more trips and provide more reviews! 

EPCOT with Preschoolers

EPCOT is a great theme park for preschoolers. A big part of having a great outing is prepping before going to the park. I’ve outlined some general tips in my article about Magic Kingdom with Preschoolers. Be sure to check that one out for general tips before arriving.

I think the perception is that EPCOT is an adults park because of all of the shopping and restaurants. But there is a lot for preschool age kids to do and a lot of the rides have very low if zero wait throughout the day.

What to do First

My recommendation with preschoolers is to work backwards and start in the World Showcase. That area of EPCOT gets really busy in the evenings with adults, couples, etc. that have dinner reservations in the many pavilions. Trying to navigate World Showcase with a stroller is really difficult at 6 or 7pm. So the key is to take in all the shops, rides, shows, restaurants in World Showcase in the morning then head towards Spaceship Earth in the evening.

So its not really about doing an attraction first but what section of the park. If you need to, I would buy both Lightning Lanes at Remy’s and Frozen so you can get those done earlier in the day.

EPCOT Attractions with Height Requirements

EPCOT does not have many rides with height requirements which is great for families. There are not many rides you’ll walk by and have to break the news the kids aren’t tall enough.

Taking Photos at the Aquarium

EPCOT Restaurants for Picky Eaters

There is nothing as stressful as trying to find a restaurant in the a theme park that will cater to everyone’s tastes. It’s even more stressful when you have kids that are picky eaters, or even adults. I’ll highlight 2 restaurants that I think will accommodate even the pickiest eaters. So get your hungry preschoolers across EPCOT and over there ASAP!

Connections Eatery

This is one of the newest additions to EPCOT and will more than likely be a family favorite for years to come. It has almost everything that a kid would ask for. Let’s take a look at some of the menu items.

Menu Highlights

  • American Classic Burger
  • Hand-breaded Chicken Sandwich
  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Five-Cheese Pizza
  • Mediterranean Side Salad
  • French Fries
  • Chicken Strips
Watch Molly’s Connections Cafe Review

Sunshine Seasons

Sunshine Seasons is located in The Land Pavilion that also includes Living with the Land and Soarin’ Around the World. So if you want to take a quick break inside and jump right back in line, this may be the best restaurant option for you.

Menu Highlights

  • Oak-grilled Rotisserie Chicken
  • Roast Beef Sandwich
  • Pepperoni Pizza Roll
  • Cheese Pizza Roll
  • Caesar Salad
  • Chicken Drumstick
  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Fruit and Cheese Plate

Don’t Miss World Showcase

I think a great idea is to do World Showcase early and avoid in the evening if possible. But that doesn’t mean to skip it all together. There are great rides, shops, shows, etc. throughout the World Showcase. Our favorite is the Japan Pavilion and visiting Mitsukoshi Department Store. It’s the only place in Disney that I’ve seen Nintendo, Pokemon, and Godzilla merchandise. It’s a lot of fun to explore the different country pavilions and I’m sure you’ll find one you love to visit.

EPCOT with Preschoolers – Overall Tips

EPCOT is a great theme park for preschoolers. My kids love Journey in to Imagination with Figment, The Sea with Nemo and Friends, and just exploring the aquarium. The best thing is that those areas tend to clear out in the evenings. So it’s not unusual for those rides to all be walk on after about 6pm.

Follow Molly at EPCOT for the Best Day Ever

Affiliate Disclosure

Sometimes I use affiliate links. That just means that I may earn a commission when you use one of the products or services that I write reviews for. My goal is to write blog posts about my experience and share that with you. If you end up purchasing based on a review on the site, I might get back a few dollars to plan the next Disney World Trip. I’m trying to find a good balance where I take more trips and provide more reviews! 

How to ride Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is the hottest ride at Walt Disney World at the moment. The initial reactions is that it may even dethrone Rise of the Resistance as the best ride on property. 

So, the real question is how do you guarantee you get to ride it on your next trip to Walt Disney World. 

There are currently 2 options; Virtual Queue or Individual Lightning Lane. Hint: You could actually ride twice if you use both options in one day!

See below for Virtual Queue details straight from Disney:

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Virtual Queue

A virtual queue is in place at Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. Guests will need to use the My Disney Experience app to enter the attraction. A standby queue will not be available. Each Guest can enter the virtual queue no more than once per day during regular park hours.

Guests must have valid admission and a theme park reservation to join the virtual queue. There will be 2 daily opportunities to request to join the virtual queue for the ride:

  • 7:00 AM (Guests do not need to be in the park when they join, but must have a theme park reservation for EPCOT)
  • 1:00 PM (Guests must be in EPCOT to join the virtual queue at this time)

Extended Evening Theme Park Hours
An additional opportunity to request to join the virtual queue will be available at 6:00 PM on select dates during extended evening theme park hours, a benefit for registered Guests staying at a Disney Deluxe Resort, Disney Deluxe Villa Resort or other select hotels. Guests with this benefit do not need to be in EPCOT to request to join at that time.

Individual Lighting Lane Option – Pay to Ride

The other option is to buy an individual Lightning Lane pass for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. These also go on sale at 7am and allow you to select and pay for a time throughout the day. It looks like this will cost around $15 per rider and only one can be purchased per day. 

No matter which way you go with getting to ride Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, just be sure to be online early for either the virtual queue or lightning lane because these will go fast!

Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of planning needed for Disney World in 2022? Be sure to check the blog frequently for Disney World tips and Tricks!

Are you struggling to pick the perfect Disney World Resort for you family? Check out our resort reviews!