Molly, formerly AllEars, Announces Her New Venture

If you’ve visited Walt Disney World over the last few years, chances are you’ve watched a video featuring Molly from AllEars. She was no doubt the star of their YouTube Channel and video views back this up.

Molly was always at the 4 Disney World Theme Parks and Universal Studios doing explainer videos of all the new rides, merchandise, snacks, and park strategies.

So, when Molly announced she was leaving AllEars recently, fans were waiting anxiously for her next project.

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Mammoth Club – Molly, Alan, Max

The official first video for Mammoth Club came out on YouTube on August 7th. Mammoth club will be comprised of Molly, Alan, and Max ( AKA DuckFist), and will be a mix of YouTube Videos, Podcasts, Twitch livestreams, Discord Group, and Patreon.

I’m excited for the new content mix and looking forward to their more in depth discussions regarding Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and surrounding attractions.

Molly does a great job in this video of explaining how she landed on this decision and the plan of Mammoth Club going forward.

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Molly Announces Next Venture

Get More Mammoth Club Content Through Patreon

A big change for Molly and group will be Patreon. They’ve released 3 tiers of membership that will get you even more content from the Mammoth Club! And if the early numbers are any indicator, this Patreon will be very successful. Mammoth club already has over 500 patrons as of today.

Mammoth Club Patreon Tiers

Tangerine Mammoth

Includes Discord benefits:

  • Behind the scenes photos
  • Behind the scenes videos
  • Invite to our content contributor channel in Discord
  • Access to a growing library of wallpapers

Teal Mammoth

Includes Discord benefits

  • Extra podcast content
  • Exclusive watch party invites
  • You’re added as a close friend on Instagram
  • Access to all previous tier benefits

Fuchsia Mammoth

Includes Discord benefits

  • Monthly signed postcard from us to you
  • Welcome (and surprise) Mammoth Club stickers
  • Shoutout in our future videos
  • Monthly theme park planning with Molly
  • Access to all previous tier benefits

Overall Thoughts

We wish All Ears and Mammoth Club future success in covering Walt Disney World Travel.

I’ve really enjoyed All Ears, and will continue watching the videos with Quincy and Breedlove.

It’ll be interesting to watch Mammoth Club over the next couple months and see if they set a new direction for Disney content creators.


Who is Molly McCormack?

You may know her as the resident Disney World Expert on YouTube. But before Co Founding Mammoth Club and staring on All Ears, she held various roles according to her LinkedIn profile. After graduating from Clemson University in 2011, Molly held roles at Walt Disney World, YMCA of Central Florida, and Red Lobster.

Molly cofounded Mammoth club in August 2022 along with Alan McCormack and Max La Due.

Who is Alan from Mammoth Club?

Alan graduated from the University of Alabama in 2012 and spent several year working at Walt Disney World. According to his LinkedIn profile, after leaving WDW, Alan spent 7 years specializing in training and development. You may have also seen him guest star in a few All Ears videos over the years.

You may have already guessed by the last names but want to also add that Molly and Alan are married. It adds a lot to the videos and its fun to watch them interact.

Who is Mr Duckfist from Mammoth Club?

Just like Molly and Alan, Max La Due AKA Mr. Duckfist, worked for several years at Walt Disney World Resort before moving to Riot Games in 2017. Want to learn even more about Max? Check out his LinkedIn profile.

One of my favorite things about Max is his love for Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Riding Mr. Toad’s is one of my earlies memories of WDW, so easy to relate.

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  1. Love you Molly,your funny sassy,and most of all kind and respectful. I love how excited you get over seeing the characters (even though you have seen them many many times.) Your youthful enthusiasm and witty banter is charming. I know you guys will do very well with your new company and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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