Memorable Moments from Recent Trip only visiting Magic Kingdom

One of the hardest parts of planning a Walt Disney World Resort vacation is deciding what activities to do while you’re there. With the 4 Theme Parks, Resorts, and restaurants to choose from it can be very hard to narrow it down. We recently decided to spend our entire trip at Magic Kingdom and wanted to share the highlights. It was even nice to slow down and not try to do everything in one trip. We ended up spending a lot more time at the resort enjoying those amenities but these are the highlights for us at Magic Kingdom.

Which Character Dining not to miss at Magic Kingdom

There are traditionally 2 character dining options at Magic Kingdom; Cinderella’s Royal Table and Crystal Palace. Character dining has been modified at a lot of the restaurants and its changing on a regular basis. So be sure to check the WDW website for the most up to date changes. Crystal Palace has announced that it will be opening back up in September 2022.

Cinderella’s Royal Table

So our choice was to dine at Cinderella’s Royal Table in the Castle. Dining in the Castle would be enough to sell me on its own, but you also get greeted by Cinderella and get a photo. The menu is a set price and there are 3 times offered; Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. All the menu prices listed do not include tax and gratuity so be sure to plan for that. Each person dining will have an appetizer, entrée, and dessert to order.

  • Breakfast
    • Child – $27
    • Adult – $42
  • Lunch
    • Child – $39
    • Adult – $62
  • Dinner
    • Child – $37
    • Adult – $62

Also, Cinderella’s Royal table is one of the few places you can buy beer, wine, or cocktails.

This is definitely a place to check out if you can get a reservation. It’s an amazing experience to dine in the castle. It’s a very intimate experience and you’ll feel like your part of the royal party.

Kyle Pallo visiting Cinderella’s Royal Table 2022

Favorite Attractions to ride with the Kids at Magic Kingdom

There are so many attractions options for kids at Magic Kingdom that is hard to narrow down. These were really our favorites and we recommend everyone to try at least once. These were the 2 that the kids could agree on as their favorites.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

The family-friendly thrill ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is located in Magic Kingdom. This roller coaster, which is found in Fantasyland, leads you through the mine of the Seven Dwarfs in a winding trip. As you navigate tight banks and hairpin turns, your cart will sway back and forth thanks to modern technology.

Duration of Ride: 3 minutes

Required Height: 37 inches

Scare Factor: There are some steep turns on the roller coaster.

Queue: Visitors can arrange gemstones and spin buckets of jewels in the interactive queue to make ceiling-mounted amazing crafts.

The song “Music In My Soup” will start playing while you wait. This song, which was redacted from the first Snow White film, was re-recorded specifically for this attraction.

Throughout the ride, the mining cart will sway back and forth. By moving your torso from side to side, you can make it sway more.

The Snow White’s Scary Adventure rollercoaster, which was demolished to make room for the Princess Fairy tale Hall, left behind figures of Happy, Bashful, Doc, Grumpy, and Sleepy in the cabin. From Snow White’s Scary Adventure, there are also vultures around the mine entrance.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant 

 A trip to Walt Disney World is not complete without visiting this attraction. Everyone should have this experience, regardless of age.

One of the most well-known Disney attractions is Dumbo the Flying Elephant, located in Walt Disney World. In its current location at Storybook Circus, it has been reimagined and now has two pairs of circling Dumbos, one of which flies counter clockwise and the other clockwise. Additionally, guests no longer need to scramble to Dumbo because it now offers Fast pass as well as an interactive kids’ line to keep them occupied until it’s your turn to fly. The guest-friendliness of this attraction is excellent thanks to Disney!

Duration of Ride: 1 minutes 30 seconds

Required Height: None

Scare Factor: Consider your child’s fear of heights if that exists.

Queue: At Walt Disney World, the line for Dumbo is now the best. When your party is ready to queue up to ride Dumbo, you will receive a pager, which will beep as you go through the line. Your kids can play on the indoor water park while you take a much-needed break as parents and sit in the air conditioning. Inform the Cast Member  if the children are still playing whenever the pager beeps; they will typically allow you to continue playing or give you a fresh pager.

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