Is Disney Vacation Club Financially Worth it?

Is your family obsessed with everything Disney?

Do you like saving between 40% and 70% on your Disney vacations?

If so, joining the Disney Vacation Club at Disney World Resorts may be the perfect fit for your Disney-loving family!

In this short guide, we break down whether the Disney Vacation Club is worth the investment and how you can capitalize on Disney’s popular Club Level offers.

Let’s explore, shall we!

How Does Disney Vacation Club Work?

Disney Vacation Club is the perfect option for Disney-obsessed families looking to visit often. Club Level allows you to stay at several Disney properties across the United States.

Here is a list of the Disney resorts your family can stay at:

  • Disneyland
  • Disney World
  • Disney Aulani, in Hawaii
  • Disney Hilton Head Resort in South Carolina
  • Disney Vero Beach Resort in Vero Beach, Florida

Using a points system, your family can save between 40% to 70% off Disney Resort prices. That includes some of Disney’s nicest properties.

For example, using your Club Level status at Disney Resorts, you can stay in Disney’s Aulani 2-bedroom Ocean Villa for roughly $500 per night. That same room would cost $1,500 per night without your Club Level Walt Disney Resort status.

Just imagine a week-long Hawaii vacation for less than $500 per night, including Disney!

DVC Polynesian Resort

How Do the Disney Vacation Club Points Work?

Disney Vacation Club works off a points system for the home resort of your choosing. Your family can purchase as many points as you wish. Points are provided every year based on your plan and can be banked from year-to-year.

The contract for Disney Vacation Club lasts 50 years, so the points you purchase would be broken down over 50 years.

Even though your family will choose a home resort, you can still choose whatever resort you’d like to stay at each year. So you can use your points to stay at different Disney properties.

Points will vary depending on the Disney property you choose, the size of your room, and the time of year you stay. Here is a break down of the points for 2022 for Beach Club Villas:

DVC Point Chart 2022


Pro Tips:

  1. Studios are cheap but book up fast.
  2. You can break up your points throughout the year.
  3. You can choose to save points from year to year for a grand Disney vacation.
  4. If you would rather not save for two years, you can borrow from next year’s points.

When choosing your home resort, you’ll want to keep two things in mind:

  1. Annual Dues: Your annual dues can vary based on your home resort.
  2. Booking Window: You can book a vacation at your home resort eleven months in advance and seven months in advance for other Disney properties.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Disney Vacation Club Points

It’s normal to assume that you may not visit Disney every year, and that’s okay. Disney’s Vacation Club is flexible and offers a variety of ways to use your points.

Here are a few options in you’re planning to take a year off:

  1. Bank your points for a dream vacation the following year.
  2. Rent your points using a site like David’s Vacation Rentals.

The great news is that you can even make a little money on your investment by renting out your points. Right now, Club Level owners can rent points starting at $16 per point. With annual dues coming out to around $8 per point. That’s a 100% ROI!

Is Disney Vacation Club Worth It? | DVC Purchase Review | DVC Marketplace Review

Breaking Down the Costs

As of July, the average price per point is around $140/50 years. The price per point for 50 years would be $2.80 plus the cost of annual dues, which hovers around $8.50. That means per point, the cost average is $11.30.

To put that into perspective, a one-week stay at Deluxe Studio would be 134 points times your cost per point would be $1,514.20 with all taxes and fees included.

Keep in mind that a deluxe studio can sleep a family of five, and you’re saving a TON on a November vacation.

Is the Disney Vacation Club Worth It?

So, is the Disney Vacation Club worth it? With savings ranging from 40% to 70% — we say it is! Ultimately, you would have to be the judge.

One way to see if it’s right for you is to rent points before you buy, and we encourage that. Whatever you choose, we hope you have the best Disney experience you can dream up!

We hope you raise your game to a Club Level Disney World Resort experience.

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