From the UK with Love: Exploring Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

In August of 2022, we traveled to Walt Disney World Resort from the UK. We booked Disney’s All-Star Music Resort as our home for the fortnight. 

Disney’s All-Star Music Resort is seen as a “cheaper” alternative compared to the other numerous resorts scattered around the resort. However, just because it’s cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean it’s without its magic. 

Disney’s All-Star Resorts

The All-Star Music resort is part of a trio of hotels near each other – All-Star Sports and All-Star Movies. In our experience, All-Star Music was the cheaper of the three.

Quincy, All Ears, Visits All-Star Music Resort

All-Star Music Arrival

Our arrival at the All-Star Music Resort was straightforward thanks to the online check-in system. Which is easily accessible on the My Disney Experience app – resulting in your room key being on your phone in the palm of your hand! This is handy, as it avoids queuing at reception and all the hustle and bustle of that 3:00PM check-in rush. But should you not be able to use the My Disney Experience app – the Cast Members at reception are fantastic. They will be more than willing to assist you with any queries. 

Disney Nostalgia

The overwhelming feeling of nostalgia hit me as soon as we walked into the resort! I’m a 90s kid; I grew up watching Disney Channel and the remarkable 90s comeback of Disney animation. Walking through the Melody Hall lobby returned me to being that kid on the TV. The big in-your-face stars scattered amongst the colorful walls and floor tiles felt like a throwback to the 90s era of Disney. Whether this is intentional from Disney or not, I personally loved it! Some may say the hotel needs a refurbishment, but keep it how it is! Disney is famous for its nostalgia, after all. 

All-Star Music Exterior

All-Star Music Resort Grounds

Our room was quite a walk as we were situated at the Broadway Hotel block, the second closest to the Melody Hall lobby. But hey, we love a walk… only we happened to arrive in a massive thunderstorm! But thankfully, the cast members were on hand to provide us with towels. We were able to cover ourselves for the walk – a nice touch!

Although our towels were dampened, our spirits were not! It was easy to get awestruck by the magnificent color and bravado on display as you walked through the outside areas of the All-Star Music Resort. 

All-Star Music Pool

As soon as you step outside, you are greeted by a giant Donald Duck and his Caballeros overlooking the main Guitar pool, surrounded by vibrant hotel blocks; you really do feel like you’re stepping inside a classic Disney short from back in the day – the cheerful, upbeat music echoed around the area adds to that sensation. 

The main Guitar pool is surprisingly busy throughout the day and often provides fun games for kids and adults alike to play along to, all while having leisurely swimming or catching some rays. 

The walkthrough to our hotel block was something I enjoyed the most about our stay – it’s a relaxing walk; you can quickly stop and indulge in the atmosphere around you with many great photo opportunities. 

All-Star Music Resort Pool

Rooms at the Resort

The room feels much more modernized than the surrounding hotel areas – the photos we viewed online before traveling out looked much different from the room we entered. It’s spacious, with all your average necessities such as an iron and ironing board, hot-drink beverages, a wardrobe with hangers… 

One thing I really did love in the room was the WDW Today channel on the television (which will be playing when you walk in) – WDW Today provides all the information needed for the parks around the resort… (park hours, showtimes, travel guidance) all with a jolly background tune from your favorite Disney classics. 

The room isn’t too Disneyfied, with a Mickey, Minnie, and Donald portrait being as Disney as it gets. You take away the portrait, and it’s simply just another hotel room you’d get anywhere. 

I’m sure there are bigger and better hotel rooms on the property. Still, if you’re looking for somewhere to rest your head after a long day around the parks – this room is perfect and will provide all your basic needs. 

All-Star Music Dining

The Intermission Food Court is great to attend first thing in the morning to pick up a quick breakfast snack and fill up on some coffee! I would highly recommend the RapidFill refillable mugs – for $20, you can pick these up and essentially refill them for free at any hotel on the Disney resort, which results in huge savings on a wide variety of drinks! 

With plenty of seating space and different options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert – the Intermission Food Court is a perfect stop-off point should you want something quick and easy. 

Opposite the Intermission Food Court is an Arcade Area where you can go and kill some time playing all your classic arcade adventures. Further down the hall, the Disney shop is a great place to pick up some merchandise and is rarely busy. 

Disney's All-Star Music Resort Dining

Transportation Options

The Walt Disney World Bus Transportation system is vital to your stay if you need a car on site. I found the buses, in the leading, highly reliable – with one turning up for all the parks every 10 minutes. The only bus service that didn’t seem as reliable as the Disney Springs service – one evening, we were left waiting for an hour! And believe me, the bus stop queues can increase if left waiting more than 10 minutes.

Overall Thoughts of All-Star Music

Disney’s All-Star Music Resort is a fantastic stay option if you’re looking to cut some trip costs. There’s something about the All-Star proximity and its nostalgic vibes that adds a whole other sense of magic to your Disney stay. 

Author: Harry Wells

Harry is an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker from the UK who loves the nostalgia and escapism that Walt Disney World brings to himself and others. 

Whether you’re traveling with young children, teens, or adults, we’ve got you covered. From the whimsical fun of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort to the luxurious elegance of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, we’ve got something for everyone. So look at our resort reviews and start planning your dream Disney vacation today!

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