Disney’s Pop Century Resort: Why we love it!

Pop Century is one of Walt Disney World’s value resorts, but it offers a lot for the price. Disney’s Pop Century may not be at the top of people’s lists as a must-stay hotel. But this has become one of my favorite places to spend my vacations. Let’s dive into what makes Pop Century one of Disney’s underrated gems!

Pop Century Provides Great Value

Most people traveling to Disney World are going for one main purpose: to enjoy the parks. Because of this, it makes sense to spend as little as possible for a hotel. More money can be spent on snacks and souvenirs. As a value resort, Pop Century is more affordable compared to the moderate and deluxe options.

For the lower price, you get a place to sleep at night, themed pools, and free transportation to all the parks. On my last trip, I spent most of the trip in the parks or at Disney Springs. So, Pop Century was the perfect choice to give us somewhere affordable to stay while still being on Disney property.

Theming of the Resort

Walking into the Pop Century lobby is a blast from the past. You’re met with decor to celebrate decades from the 1950s to the 1990s. A wall running along the length of the lobby displays shadow boxes of major fads of the past, like an old-school jukebox and a polaroid camera.

You’ll then be assigned your room, which will be in one of the buildings assigned to each of those decades.  You’ll be in the 1970s building covered in mood rings and platform shoes. Or maybe the 1980s area with Pac-Man ghosts. You won’t be disappointed in the amount of detail put into the theme of this hotel.

And it wouldn’t be a Disney hotel without fan-favorite characters. Oversized character decor corresponding with the decade that the film was released. Look out for larger-than-life classics like Lady, Tramp, and Baloo!

Pop Century has a Variety of Unique Pools

Unlike many Disney resorts, which only offer one or two pools. Pop Century has three different themed pools. Each pool matches the theme of the rooms located nearby. A Hippy Dippy Pool for the ‘60s, a Bowling Pool for the ‘50s, and a Computer Pool for the ‘90s. Depending on the pool you go to, you’ll hear popular music from classic Disney films from that period.

Because of the number of pools, you won’t need to walk far to take a quick dip after a hot day in the parks. The multitude of pools also makes for a less crowded swimming experience.

Pop Century Pool

Skyliner and Transportation

One of the greatest advantages of Pop Century is the access to the Skyliner. If you’re planning on spending the day in Epcot or Hollywood studios, you can hop on the gondola. You’ll enjoy the trip while enjoying a bird’s-eye view of Disney property.

 Pop also offers bus transportation to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs, or Blizzard Beach.

If you’re afraid of heights, keep in mind this resort does not offer bus transportation to Epcot or Hollywood studios unless the Skyliner is closed. Which can happen during inclement weather. While buses are not always available, it is easy to request a Lyft, Uber, or the Disney Minnie Van service.

Food Offerings

Looking to grab something to eat without leaving the hotel? Everything POP Shopping & Dining offers an assortment of quick-service selections. This food-court style dining option offers meals such as Mickey waffles, chili-cheese dogs, burgers, and more. You can even order an entire pizza to make feeding your family easier.

The variety of options is perfect for those with young picky eaters who prefer chicken strips. Though it may disappoint those looking to try some of the higher quality meals that Disney offers. Yet, The Skyliner makes it easy to hop on a gondola for a quick trip over to the Riveria. Which hosts several restaurants guests can enjoy before heading back to Pop for the night. Guests can also take a walk over to Disney’s Art of Animation to check out their menu, so the options are endless.

Everything Pop Shopping & Dining

Pop Century Rooms

The rooms at Pop are simple. Though fans will appreciate the small Disney touches such as the Mickey artwork on the wall. These rooms can sleep up to four, though some guests may feel frustrated with having to share one shower, toilet, and sink.

I traveled with only one other adult, and we found that the room was perfect for the two of us. We had separate beds and plenty of room to get ready in the morning.

It should also be noted that Pop is a big resort.  So guests who prefer a shorter walk can pay for a preferred room closer to the lobby, gift shop, and dining area.

Other Resort Amenities

Another convenient offering at Pop is how close the laundry rooms are to the pools. Now, most people may not envision spending their vacation having to do laundry. But on our hotel rest day, it was nice to hang out by the pool, knowing that in less than an hour, we would have clean clothes to wear to the parks the next day.

Pop also has plenty for the kids. Like most Disney hotels, they offer a campfire with complimentary marshmallows and option to make s’mores. When not at the parks, kids can also enjoy a fun play area in the ’70s section or play a few games in the arcade! On select nights, the whole family can head over to the Hippy Dippy pool area for a complimentary movie night under the stars.

An Overall Favorite

Resorts like Animal Kingdom Lodge and the Contemporary are excellent resorts.  But if you’re looking for fun at an affordable price, there are more than enough reasons to consider Pop Century for your next Disney vacation. I hope you love it as much as we do!

See you in the parks!

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