Disney World for Picky Eaters

Don’t listen to what you may have heard in the past, you can plan a great vacation at Disney World for Picky eaters. Disney has made quality improvements over the last few years in all of their park restaurants, making their dining experience safer than ever. So whether you are a picky eater or a try-everything-Once-er, Disney world awaits you with great food to appease your palate.

The term “picky eater” ironically is an umbrella term for a variety of food-selective people, including but not limited to toddlers, people with food allergies, ingredient-choosy foodies and just fussy eaters in general. Luckily, Disney World caters to everyone in each of these categories.

This article has categorized restaurants for picky eaters in Disney World park-wise. These are for the parks but also be sure to check out some of the options at the Deluxe Resorts close by.

The recommendations are made keeping in mind the following –

  • Menu options for both kids and adults
  • Existing rating
  • Popularly safe options
  • Allergen safe
  • Restaurants that accept special requests

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios, a.k.a, a ‘Hollywood that never was – and always will be’ provides equally stunning experience in terms of food. While this place does have all the regular theme park foods like burgers, pop, ice creams, pizza, hot dogs, etc, there are also some very unique choices that you will not find anywhere else.

Rosie’s All American Café at Sunset Boulevard

This area is always hoppin’ with finger lickin’ food.

You would love this place if

  • You are looking for safe, tried and tested American food options like Hot dogs, cheeseburger, chicken nuggets etc
  • If you are looking for veg and non-veg options
  • If you are in need of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages
  • If you’re looking for allergen-free food

Avoid this place if

  • You are looking for a burst of flavors in your food
  • If you’re not a fan of fried and finger food

Handpicked recommendation for the picky eater

The plant based lobster is highly rated in several online reviews. The foot-long all beef hot dog that comes with fried makes for an individual meal at just 11.99$.

50’s Prime time Cafe

This table style restaurant is has fun Cast Members serving you food. So, if you’re a picky eater and leave out your veggies, you might actually get teased for it; all in good fun though.

You would love this place if

  • You’re craving some comfort food. Meatloaf, fried chicken, desserts and the ginormous shakes are going to satisfy your gluttony to no end
  • If you’re looking for a thematic experience that both kids and adults would enjoy

Avoid this place if

  • You want a quieter meal
  • You’re looking for something fancy or fine dining.

Handpicked recommendation for the picky eater

The Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake and the Fried Chicken should be enjoyed on a table with a TV set at it to make the most of this place

Paging Mr Morrow at 50’s Prime Time Cafe

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

With a wide selection of Quick Service Restaurants, Table Service restaurants and over 30 food stalls strewn around the park, there’s certainly no scarcity of eateries and dining options at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Harambe market

You would love this place if

  • You want to pick and choose between a wide variety of food all the same spot
  • You want to quickly pick up a to-go meal and eat it on the go while exploring the park
  • You are looking for safe options like fried/ roasted chicken, mac n cheese, hot dogs or even if you are looking for some flavorful options like spicy ribs, a delicious rice bowl topped with chicken, veggies or some Mediterranean style salads

Avoid this place if

  • You are looking for table style service
  • You are looking for fine dining

Handpicked recommendation for the picky eater

Tamu Tamu Refreshments – The best ice cream sundaes and refreshments to beat the Florida heat!

Yak and Yeti restaurant

Yak & Yeti is one of the best themed and quaint restaurants at Walt Disney World. The interiors are eclectic and very inviting to just be explored.

You would love this place if

  • You are looking for table style service
  • You love Asian flavors and are in mood for some pan-Asian cuisine
  • Your have an appetite for a large portion

Avoid this place if

  • You’re not a big fan of Asian and flavorful cuisine
  • You are looking for safer and bland food options
  • You need quick service

Handpicked recommendation for the picky eater

Kobe Beef Burger – If you’re thinking “Why would anyone order a burger at an Asian joint,” the  Kobe Beef Burger will pleasantly surprise you. It is filled with the tender patty that will melt in your mouth and some shitake mushrooms that just belong in there! With a side of fries, this burger is sure to please even the pickiest eater that bites into it.


There are very few picky eater who’d say no to a tasty slice of Pizza, unless, you’re watching your diet. If you’re really in the mood for Italian, be sure to check out Terralina at Disney Springs.

You would love this place if

  • You love pizza
  • You love thematic restaurants. This place has the Home Room, Nocturnal Room, Upside Down Room, Camouflage Room, Four Seasons Room, and Bug Room.
  • You love hand made pizzas with unconventional toppings
  • You are looking for gluten free and dairy free pizza

You can avoid this place if

  • You don’t like pizza
  • You’re in a rush and want quicker service

Handpicked recommendation for the picky eater

Cheese Pizza from the Kids menu for picky kids and Pepperoni pizza

Magic Kingdom

Liberty tree Tavern

You would love this place if

  • You are looking for safe, tried and tested eating options like roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and vegetables
  • You are looking for allergen free options in both main course and desserts
  • You are looking for a wide selection of wine

Avoid this place if

  • You are looking for more flavorful options in food
  • You are looking for quick service style eateries

Handpicked recommendation for the picky eater

Revolutionary Meatloaf. If you are really hungry, get the all-you-can-eat Patriot’s Platter

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe  (has a separate kids menu, wide variety of dishes)

With flavors bursting out of the kitchen of this café, Pecos Bill has an impressive spread of nachos, burgers, rice bowls, tacos and salads. This is personally one of our favorites.

You would love this place if

  • You are in a group of picky and adventurous eaters
  • You are looking for plant-based options
  • You are looking for a healthy spread in the kid’s menu
  • You need table style service

Avoid this place if

  • You are looking for a quick take away that you can walk-and-eat

Handpicked recommendation for the picky eater

Mac and cheese for the kids and the rice bowl for adults. Picky eaters can add and remove ingredients from the rice bowl as per their taste preferences.


Epcot can be called as the World’s showcase wall. In one location under the Disney roof, it lets you visit different countries, learn about their food, culture, clothing and artifacts.

Via Napoli

Popularly known as Disney World’s best pizza place, this is a haven for pizza lovers.

You would love this place if

  • You are a fan of Neapolitan, wood-burning oven style pizza
  • You’d rather skip pizza and have some pasta

Avoid this place if

  • You are not a pizza fan
  • You’d rather pick something from a quick service eatery and continue gallivanting

Handpicked recommendation for the picky eater

If you want to try more than one option, go for the half and half Mezzo Metro. It’s a good way of sampling more of this incredible pizzeria menu while providing a really good value. Definitely try the Quattro Formaggi Pizza.

Sunshine Seasons

Sunshine seasons is the best counter service restaurant at Walt Disney World’s Epcot. It’s got an impressive spread of food options that will send even the pickiest eater into gluttony.

You would love this place if

  • You’re looking for quick service style eatery options
  • You are looking for more options in the kids meals. Not only does this place have a Kid’s menu, but also a “Disney check” menu which meets Disney’s Nutritional Guidelines for Complete Meals without substitutions
  • You are looking for tried and tested options like sandwich, rolls, grilled meat and salads
  • You are looking for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage options
  • You need allergen-safe food

Avoid this place if

  • You are looking for on-table service or fine dining options
  • You’re looking for flavorful cuisine of a particular country (Eg – Asian, Neapolitan, Mediterranean etc)

Handpicked recommendation for the picky eater

Power salad for a power packed meal to get through the day. Try the oak-grilled salmon or chicken if you prefer a heavy meat based meal.

Family Photo in front of Spaceship Earth
EPCOT Family Photo In Front of Spaceship Earth

More tips for Picky Eaters at Disney World

  • Plan food and check menus ahead of time
  • Look out for allergens
  • Make reservations and communicate allergies clearly
  • Look for a place that takes special request
  • Go for safer options if you don’t like experimenting with food. Disney World can be a little expensive for food experiments
  • Go for buffets
  • Pack some food from home
  • Look for alternatives outside the parks or at Disney Springs for lunch or dinner

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