Disney World does What with Glass Bottles?

Tired of all the rumors, fake stories, and Debbie Downer stores about Disney World? Me too, so here’s a very positive one. Did you know how Disney World recycles glass bottles?

Would you guess that they make roads, trails, and walking paths with it? That wouldn’t be my first guess either. But its a great way for Disney World to recycle on site and use the recycled material almost immediately.

How the Recycling Program Works

The pilot program takes place at Disney World’s Fort Wilderness and Campgrounds. All of the glass bottles collected at the resort are processed on site. The glass is converted by a machine to a fine sand like material that can be used in all sorts of ways across the property. The process to convert a ton of glass bottles to sand only takes about an hour. That’s a lot of glass bottles!

It’s great to see Disney World take the lead on programs like this. And with the number of resorts across the world, the program could quickly expand.

Next time you’re on property be on the look out for a little glimmer in the sand, it might just be a glass from your last Disney World trip.

Disney Planet Possible

As part of Disney’s Planet Possible and Environmental Policies, this program directly addresses the goal of reducing waste across the company.

Reducing Waste Goals from ESG White Paper

• Zero waste to landfill for our wholly owned and operated parks and resorts

• Reduce single use plastics in our parks and resorts

• Eliminate single use plastics in our cruise ships by 2025

Disney has been working towards zero waste in its operations since 2009, implementing various initiatives to reduce, reuse, recycle, donate, and change behavior among guests and employees to minimize the amount of material going to landfills. This has led to significant progress towards this goal.

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