Discover the Epic Snack Adventure Waiting for You at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Walt Disney World offers an incredible variety of excellent meals, snacks, and treats to satisfy your sweet (or savory!) tooth, and Hollywood Studios is no exception. Here are some of my favorite Hollywood Studios treats that I highly recommend you try. I’m a professional snacker, so I know what’s good.

The Lunch Box Tart – Woody’s Lunch Box

Woody’s Lunch Box is an adorably themed quick service stop in the heart of Toy Story Land. It offers delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, from gooey grilled cheese to chili totchos. I don’t think you can go wrong with anything you get at Woody’s Lunch Box. But my favorite treat is the Lunch Box Tart. These homemade pop-tart-style treats are available at all times of the day, with seasonal options available throughout the year. Right now, they are offering a guava-filled tart for Pride Month.

The Lunch Box Tart at Woody's Lunchbox

The raspberry tart is our absolute favorite and can always be found on the menu at Woody’s Lunch Box. The flaky crust and sweet raspberry filling are well-complimented by the soft strawberry fondant and crispy candy pearls on top. It’s large enough to share and satisfy your sweet tooth without sending you into a sugar rush.

Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese – ABC Commissary

The ABC Commissary is one of the more underrated quick service options at Walt Disney World. It offers more unique options than your typical theme park fare. At ABC Commissary, you can find pork carnitas tacos, a Mediterranean Salad, or my personal favorite: the buffalo chicken grilled cheese.

Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese at ABC Commissary

The buffalo chicken grilled cheese comes on buttery toasted sourdough bread (arguably the best bread). Creamy buffalo chicken is combined with four kinds of cheese – Monterey, provolone, cheddar, and cream cheese – for the ultimate cheesy, gooey, spicy treat. The sandwich is served with an extra side of buffalo sauce and your choice of side (I highly recommend the steak fries). The side of the sauce is excellent for an extra punch of heat since the sandwich is reasonably mild. The sandwich has a delicious crispy exterior and gooey cheesy interior with a gentle kick of buffalo flavor. I will never visit Hollywood Studios at lunchtime without grabbing a buffalo chicken grilled cheese!

The Neighborhood Bakery is a small treat kiosk just before the entrance to Toy Story Land. The cart only offers a few snacks beyond popcorn, slushies, and a few other beverages. But the Num Num Cookie is a hidden gem you should notice!

Jack's Num Num Cookie at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Themed around Jack-Jack from The Incredibles, the Num Num cookie is a warm chocolate chip cookie tart served in a cute tart liner. The exterior is crunchy, and the inside is warm, chocolatey, and gooey. It’s big enough to share with a loved one and is very rich, so make sure you have a drink to wash it down! This sweet, chocolatey treat is addictive!

Outpost Popcorn Mix – Kat Saka’s Kettle

Kat Saka’s Kettle is an elegant snack kiosk in the heart of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. It offers coffee and sodas and some unique popcorn options. One of these popcorn options is Buttered Blue Grains. Though not uncommon in flavor (just buttered popcorn), the popcorn is dyed to give it an out-of-this-world appearance.

Outpost Popcorn Mic at Kay Saka's Kettle in Galaxy's Edge

What you must try, though, is the Outpost Popcorn Mix. The Outpost Mix is a unique combination of sweet and spicy flavors. Biting into the red and purple kernels, you’ll get a punch of spice that tickles your tongue, followed by a sweet, fruity blast. I have heard it described as a spicy fruit cereal, and I agree! It’s a pretty divisive snack, with most people either loving it or not liking it at all, but if you’re feeling something with a bit of heat and a little sweet, this is the snack for you!

Author: Ashly Hunt

Ashley co-founded The Midwest Mouse, a Disney Instagram account and blog she started with her husband, Braden. Ashley lives in Indiana with her husband and their two daughters. They are Walt Disney World annual pass holders and visit Disney parks as often as possible. They look forward to crossing more things off their Disney bucket list while continuing to share their adventures on their Instagram (@the_midwest_mouse) and website.

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