Are Disney Food Blog and All Ears the Same Company?

The short answer is yes. Cambrick Yard owns and operates the Disney Food Blog and All Ears. Both websites are focused on providing information and resources about food and dining options at Disney Parks and Resorts. 

The company provides reviews, photos, and information about menus, restaurants, and other food-related topics for Disney Parks and Resorts worldwide. 

Cambrick Yard was founded by AJ Wolfe, the Editor in Chief of the Disney Food Blog and All Ears.

DFBGuide – How to Have Three PERFECT Days in Disney World

Want a Job at Disney Food Blog or All Ears?

You may be like me and consider writing about Disney, one of the best jobs in the world. If you want to join Disney Food Blog or All Ears, there is a post on the Cambrick Yard website looking for content creators, writers, and YouTube presenters. 

Who knows? You may be the next Molly, Quincy, or Breedlove. 

All Ears Disney World Challenge – Molly and Quincy

If you’re looking for help choosing the best Walt Disney World Resort for your next vacation, check out our resort review resources

See you in the Parks!


How much does DFBGuide make from YouTube?

If you ‘ve watched a lot of Disney World Travel Channels, you may wonder how much do these channels actually make from YouTube Ads. Just an FYI, these are only estimations. The actual number could be much higher or much lower.

Social Blade estimates that Disney Food Blog makes between $19k and $310K per year based on ads on the channel. In the last 30 days, the channel has had almost 7 Million views.

Disney Food Blog, or DFBGuide, was created in April 2016 and has over 1400 video uploads.

How much does All Ears make from YouTube?

All Ears has been around for a while. The channel was created in December 2008 and has over 1700 uploads over that time.

Social Blade estimates that All Ears makes between $20k and $335k per year based on ads.

Does Molly own All Ears?

No, Molly was an employee of All Ears and specialized in making YouTube videos from the Disney Theme Parks and Resorts. Molly is no longer with All Ears. Molly, along with her husband Alan and friend Max, started Mammoth Club. They have a YouTube Channel and Patreon.

Who is Breedlove from All Ears?

Craig “Breedlove” Jessup is a writer and producer for All Ears. Breedlove has a lot of experience in entertainment and spent 15 years working on the show WICKED on Broadway. If you’ve watched some of the All Ears videos, you’ll also know that Breedlove is the resident vegan on the show and gives lots of great advice on where to eat while at Disney World.

Breedlove’s LinkedIn Profile

Molly, formerly AllEars, Announces Her New Venture

If you’ve visited Walt Disney World over the last few years, chances are you’ve watched a video featuring Molly from AllEars. She was no doubt the star of their YouTube Channel and video views back this up.

Molly was always at the 4 Disney World Theme Parks and Universal Studios doing explainer videos of all the new rides, merchandise, snacks, and park strategies.

So, when Molly announced she was leaving AllEars recently, fans were waiting anxiously for her next project.

Don’t Miss this Gem of a Hotel at Disney Springs!

Mammoth Club – Molly, Alan, Max

The official first video for Mammoth Club came out on YouTube on August 7th. Mammoth club will be comprised of Molly, Alan, and Max ( AKA DuckFist), and will be a mix of YouTube Videos, Podcasts, Twitch livestreams, Discord Group, and Patreon.

I’m excited for the new content mix and looking forward to their more in depth discussions regarding Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and surrounding attractions.

Molly does a great job in this video of explaining how she landed on this decision and the plan of Mammoth Club going forward.

What are the other great Disney World YouTube Channels?

Molly Announces Next Venture

Get More Mammoth Club Content Through Patreon

A big change for Molly and group will be Patreon. They’ve released 3 tiers of membership that will get you even more content from the Mammoth Club! And if the early numbers are any indicator, this Patreon will be very successful. Mammoth club already has over 500 patrons as of today.

Tangerine Mammoth

Includes Discord benefits:

  • Behind the scenes photos
  • Behind the scenes videos
  • Invite to our content contributor channel in Discord
  • Access to a growing library of wallpapers

Teal Mammoth

Includes Discord benefits

  • Extra podcast content
  • Exclusive watch party invites
  • You’re added as a close friend on Instagram
  • Access to all previous tier benefits

Fuchsia Mammoth

Includes Discord benefits

  • Monthly signed postcard from us to you
  • Welcome (and surprise) Mammoth Club stickers
  • Shoutout in our future videos
  • Monthly theme park planning with Molly
  • Access to all previous tier benefits

Overall Thoughts

We wish All Ears and Mammoth Club future success in covering Walt Disney World Travel.

I’ve really enjoyed All Ears, and will continue watching the videos with Quincy and Breedlove.

It’ll be interesting to watch Mammoth Club over the next couple months and see if they set a new direction for Disney content creators.


Who is Molly McCormack?

You may know her as the resident Disney World Expert on YouTube. But before Co Founding Mammoth Club and staring on All Ears, she held various roles according to her LinkedIn profile. After graduating from Clemson University in 2011, Molly held roles at Walt Disney World, YMCA of Central Florida, and Red Lobster.

Molly cofounded Mammoth club in August 2022 along with Alan McCormack and Max La Due.

Who is Alan from Mammoth Club?

Alan graduated from the University of Alabama in 2012 and spent several year working at Walt Disney World. According to his LinkedIn profile, after leaving WDW, Alan spent 7 years specializing in training and development. You may have also seen him guest star in a few All Ears videos over the years.

You may have already guessed by the last names but want to also add that Molly and Alan are married. It adds a lot to the videos and its fun to watch them interact.

Who is Mr Duckfist from Mammoth Club?

Just like Molly and Alan, Max La Due AKA Mr. Duckfist, worked for several years at Walt Disney World Resort before moving to Riot Games in 2017. Want to learn even more about Max? Check out his LinkedIn profile.

One of my favorite things about Max is his love for Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Riding Mr. Toad’s is one of my earlies memories of WDW, so easy to relate.

Does Disney World have anything Encanto?

On February 9th, 2023, visitors to EPCOT via The International Gateway entrance of the park happened upon an extraordinary sight. Mirabel from the fantastical and magical Madrigal family was seen laughing and taking photos. Enchanting all who were in her presence. Though we were surprised by the best way to get a glimpse of the Encanto star. Mirabel hasn’t been seen out and walking around among park-goers since that day last week.

Mirabel in Magic Kingdom Parade

Previously we had only seen her in the Adventure Friends Cavalcade in Magic Kingdom. Where you can still spot her from time to time. There are rumors that she will be given a place in Animal Kingdom. We will have to wait and see what is in store for a more consistent meet-and-greet schedule.

Encanto Merchandise at Disney World

Where there is a great movie, there is even better merchandise! In shops all over Animal Kingdom, you can find play sets with figures of the Madrigal family, Mirabel, and Isabella plush dolls, and an adorable replica of the stuffed jaguar that Antonio was gifted at the beginning of the movie by his favorite cousin. Shirts with the entire family, including Bruno and Abuela, can be found throughout the resorts and parks. 

Shop Disney Encanto Merchandise

If a trip to Walt Disney Word or Colombia isn’t in your plans for this year, fear not! You can have your miracle delivered to your door from the website. There you can find enough entertainment to last till your next vacation! From clothes for the kids, décor for the home, and even Mirabel’s accordion, there is something even more special for young people. There are Minnie Mouse Ears with Mirabel’s signature skirt as inspiration, the satin blue ears embroidered with florals, and the adorable pink butterfly on the front and back of the padded ears. ‘Magic Awaits You’ is beautifully embroidered on the side of the headband. Still, magic can also be seen in the brilliant Loungefly Casita mini backpack! The bright colors of the bag will always remind you of the enchanting movie it represents.

Dress up as Mirabel or Isabella

Suppose your young royal can’t stop talking about Tio Bruno, and they want to dress the part of a Madrigal Sister. In that case, you may want to check out the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Ages 3 to 12 can request the Disney ‘Encanto’ Package, giving you a choice between Mirabel’s classic look or Isabella’s purple flutter gown to compliment the traditional hair and makeup that the experience is known for. 

Encanto Snacks at EPCOT

If dressing up doesn’t get you in the spirit, you should head to EPCOT for a taste of Colombia at Vibrante & Vivido: Encanto Cocina. This snack kiosk is exclusive to the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts, but time is running out! The annual festival lasts until February 20th, 2023. If you want a taste of the Encanto paradise, find it via the My Disney Experience App. This is the second year an Encanto-themed booth has graced the festival, and its popularity keeps growing! Though the festival is ending soon, there is hope that the Flower and Garden Festival will continue to delight EPCOT guests with more food that even Julieta would be proud of.  

Where to Stay to take in the Encanto Magic?

Still deciding where the best resort is for your family? We have a comprehensive guide to all of the Disney World Resorts.

Can You Meet Raya at Disney World?

Kumandra might be closer than we think! Raya made her Walt Disney World debut in November of 2022 in the “Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade” at Magic Kingdom! Raya replaced Moana on one of the main floats that she now shares with Merida, Elena, Mulan, and Pocahontas. This makes for quite a sight as we see some of Disney’s most courageous characters during this spectacle. The Cavalcade typically runs at 5:10PM or 6:25PM. Still, it is best to check the My Disney Experience app for the most up-to-date times for the shows. They are always subject to change. 

Raya Merchandise at Disney World

You are in luck if you want to hit the parks dressed in Raya merchandise! From her shoes to her Iconic hat, you can find the complete set at the World of Disney (Disney Springs) and some shops throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom. You can also find plushies and t-shirts with other characters in almost every park, such as Sisu and Tuk Tuk. 

Future Raya Meet and Greet

While we may still need to meet Raya in a meet and greet, many locations would be perfect if the parks decided to do it in the future. In 2021, when Raya and the Last Dragon was released, Animal Kingdom hosted a massive sand sculpture under a pavilion near the Flame Tree Barbeque. The Animation Experience at Rafiki’s Planet Watch even hosted a lesson on drawing Tuk Tuk. The animations are currently limited to Timon (The Lion King) and Chief Bogo (Zootopia). 

Other Disney Location Sightings

 Raya has been spotted in Disneyland locations in Shanghai and California for in-person meet and greets. Still, she has only appeared in the Cavalcade for Walt Disney World so far. Disney officials have not announced whether Raya will get an official Ceremony as Merida did back in 2013 and Elsa and Anna in 2020 via a virtual coronation ceremony, but I am hoping they will! As part of 2022’s World Princess Week, Raya was named as part of the Official Disney Princess Lineup.

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Disney World Discounts! Save Up to $700 on 2-Night Stay

Looking to explore a galaxy far far away? How would you like to save up tp $700 on the vacation? You’ve picked a great time to book a trip on the Galactic Starcruiser. We’ll go in to more detail on what all is included on the Galactic Starcruiser but let’s take a deeper look at the discount first.

When you book a voyage on the Galactic Starcruiser, you can save up to $700 on resort stays before or after your voyage. The discount is valid from February 5th to September 30, 2023. The discount is dependent on the resort selected so let’s break those out:

$350 per Night Discount

$250 per Night Discount

$150 per Night Discount

Link for more details on the Discount: link

What is the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Adventure?

The Galactic Starcruiser at Walt Disney World is an immersive, two-night vacation experience. It allows guests ty immerse themselves in the Star Wars universe. The Starcruiser, the Halcyon, simulates a starship, complete with cabins, a bridge, and a cantina.

What kind of Experience Should I expect?

All packages at the Galactic Starcruiser resort consist of two days and two nights. Every guest has equal time, no one can stay more or less . It consists of a two-night adventure that includes interactive experiences. Includes lightsaber training and the chance to interact with Star Wars characters.

You’ll feel like you’re inside the Star Wars Movie. From the state-of-the-art technology and special effects to the interactive experiences. It’s a vacation that will make guests feel like they are in the Star Wars universe.

How Much Does it Cost?

A package in The Galactic Starcruiser resort is not cheap, it is quite expensive. It will cost $4,809 for two people and about $5,999 for a group of four people. The prices can depend upon voyage departure dates and the number of people and the type of cabin, in which they are staying.

Galactic Starcruiser resort consists of 100 cabins, there are three different types of cabins. The standard cabin allows 4-5 people to sleep. The galaxy-class suite allows 4 people to sleep. And grand captain suite which allows 8 people to sleep.

Molly, All Ears, takes a voyage on the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Thoughts on the Starcruiser

If you are a big fan of Star Wars, I think you have to plan a trip on the Halcyon. The experience is very interactive and puts you in the middle of a Star Wars story.

So, if you are on the fence, now is the time to take advantage of the discount. We have lots of resources to help pick the perfect Walt Disney World Resort for your family.

Disney World does What with Glass Bottles?

Tired of all the rumors, fake stories, and Debbie Downer stores about Disney World? Me too, so here’s a very positive one. Did you know how Disney World recycles glass bottles?

Would you guess that they make roads, trails, and walking paths with it? That wouldn’t be my first guess either. But its a great way for Disney World to recycle on site and use the recycled material almost immediately.

How the Recycling Program Works

The pilot program takes place at Disney World’s Fort Wilderness and Campgrounds. All of the glass bottles collected at the resort are processed on site. The glass is converted by a machine to a fine sand like material that can be used in all sorts of ways across the property. The process to convert a ton of glass bottles to sand only takes about an hour. That’s a lot of glass bottles!

It’s great to see Disney World take the lead on programs like this. And with the number of resorts across the world, the program could quickly expand.

Next time you’re on property be on the look out for a little glimmer in the sand, it might just be a glass from your last Disney World trip.

Disney Planet Possible

As part of Disney’s Planet Possible and Environmental Policies, this program directly addresses the goal of reducing waste across the company.

Reducing Waste Goals from ESG White Paper

• Zero waste to landfill for our wholly owned and operated parks and resorts

• Reduce single use plastics in our parks and resorts

• Eliminate single use plastics in our cruise ships by 2025

Disney has been working towards zero waste in its operations since 2009, implementing various initiatives to reduce, reuse, recycle, donate, and change behavior among guests and employees to minimize the amount of material going to landfills. This has led to significant progress towards this goal.

Splash Mountain: Last Trip to the Laughing Place

Walt Disney World’s Splash Mountain will officially close on January 23rd, 2023. So if you want to take one last trip to the Laughing Place, Monday will be your last chance.

So grab your poncho, if you don’t want to get wet, and get ready to sing along to Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah!

What’s Replacing Splash Mountain?

If you love The Princess and the Frog, you’re in for a real treat! It was announced in June 2020 that Tiana’s Bayou Adventure would be replacing Splash Mountain at magic Kingdom.

Get ready for an exciting musical adventure! Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will jump in the story right after the romantic final kiss between Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen. They’re getting ready for their first-ever Mardi Gras performance, and we’re gonna be hearing some amazing music from the film as we follow their journey.

So get ready to see Tiana, Naveen, Louis, and all your favorite characters from Princess and the Frog. Will we get an update on what happened to Dr. Facilier? We’ll see soon.

History of Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain is a log flume ride at the Magic Kingdom theme park in Florida. It first opened on July 17 1992 and is based on the classic Disney film, Song of the South. The ride takes guests through the story of Brer Rabbit who are trying to evade the clutches of Brer Fox and Brer Bear.

The ride starts with a peaceful journey through the bayou. But it becomes more thrilling as guests drop down a five-story drop into the briar patch.

The ride also features several other drops with a final drop of 52 feet, which provides the Splash.

It was one of the most expensive Disney attractions at the time of its opening, with a reported cost of around $75 million. Since its opening, Splash Mountain has become a popular attraction at Magic Kingdom.

See you in the Parks!

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Wow! Cost Decreases Coming to Walt Disney World Resort

If you’ve been to Walt Disney World Resort over the last few years, it seems impossible to think costs would go down. But It’s Finally here!

This is one of the first big moves from Bob Iger since returning to Disney as CEO. And let’s hope its not the last.

So let’s dig in to the changes that will impact your upcoming trip in 2023.

Photo Pass will be included with Genie Plus

Starting in 2023 Photo Pass Attraction photos will be included in Genie Plus. This is a big change for upcoming visits to Walt Disney World. Photo Pass and Genie Plus have been separate charges that could add up .  The release does not address pictures taken in front of the castle or other areas. But Photo Pass Cast Members will take a photo for you with your own phone.

Memory Maker packages covered this for previous trips and could range in price for single day $69 to $199 for total trip if not pre-purchased. So depending on the length of the trip, this could be a big savings for your trip.

Free Parking at Disney World Resorts

Starting on January 10th, overnight parking for guests of the Walt Disney World Resorts will be Free. Even better, standard parking will also continue to be free at the Theme Parks. This is a big savings for guests that drive their own vehicle or use a rental vehicle.

Depending on the resort the charge could range from $13 to $24.

Cost Change Conclusions    

Everyone that has been to the parks recently has felt the impact of cost changes implemented over the last few years. This is definitely a step in the right direction and immediately can take a few hundred dollars off your trip if you are planning a 7, 10, 14-day vacation at Disney World.

Now that you may be taking a second look at your trip and overall package, we have some great resources available that go over each resort and recommendations.

See you in the parks!

Is Disney Vacation Club Financially Worth it?

Is your family obsessed with everything Disney?

Do you like saving between 40% and 70% on your Disney vacations?

If so, joining the Disney Vacation Club at Disney World Resorts may be the perfect fit for your Disney-loving family!

In this short guide, we break down whether the Disney Vacation Club is worth the investment and how you can capitalize on Disney’s popular Club Level offers.

Let’s explore, shall we!

How Does Disney Vacation Club Work?

Disney Vacation Club is the perfect option for Disney-obsessed families looking to visit often. Club Level allows you to stay at several Disney properties across the United States.

Here is a list of the Disney resorts your family can stay at:

  • Disneyland
  • Disney World
  • Disney Aulani, in Hawaii
  • Disney Hilton Head Resort in South Carolina
  • Disney Vero Beach Resort in Vero Beach, Florida

Using a points system, your family can save between 40% to 70% off Disney Resort prices. That includes some of Disney’s nicest properties.

For example, using your Club Level status at Disney Resorts, you can stay in Disney’s Aulani 2-bedroom Ocean Villa for roughly $500 per night. That same room would cost $1,500 per night without your Club Level Walt Disney Resort status.

Just imagine a week-long Hawaii vacation for less than $500 per night, including Disney!

DVC Polynesian Resort

How Do the Disney Vacation Club Points Work?

Disney Vacation Club works off a points system for the home resort of your choosing. Your family can purchase as many points as you wish. Points are provided every year based on your plan and can be banked from year-to-year.

The contract for Disney Vacation Club lasts 50 years, so the points you purchase would be broken down over 50 years.

Even though your family will choose a home resort, you can still choose whatever resort you’d like to stay at each year. So you can use your points to stay at different Disney properties.

Points will vary depending on the Disney property you choose, the size of your room, and the time of year you stay. Here is a break down of the points for 2022 for Beach Club Villas:

DVC Point Chart 2022


Pro Tips:

  1. Studios are cheap but book up fast.
  2. You can break up your points throughout the year.
  3. You can choose to save points from year to year for a grand Disney vacation.
  4. If you would rather not save for two years, you can borrow from next year’s points.

When choosing your home resort, you’ll want to keep two things in mind:

  1. Annual Dues: Your annual dues can vary based on your home resort.
  2. Booking Window: You can book a vacation at your home resort eleven months in advance and seven months in advance for other Disney properties.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Disney Vacation Club Points

It’s normal to assume that you may not visit Disney every year, and that’s okay. Disney’s Vacation Club is flexible and offers a variety of ways to use your points.

Here are a few options in you’re planning to take a year off:

  1. Bank your points for a dream vacation the following year.
  2. Rent your points using a site like David’s Vacation Rentals.

The great news is that you can even make a little money on your investment by renting out your points. Right now, Club Level owners can rent points starting at $16 per point. With annual dues coming out to around $8 per point. That’s a 100% ROI!

Is Disney Vacation Club Worth It? | DVC Purchase Review | DVC Marketplace Review

Breaking Down the Costs

As of July, the average price per point is around $140/50 years. The price per point for 50 years would be $2.80 plus the cost of annual dues, which hovers around $8.50. That means per point, the cost average is $11.30.

To put that into perspective, a one-week stay at Deluxe Studio would be 134 points times your cost per point would be $1,514.20 with all taxes and fees included.

Keep in mind that a deluxe studio can sleep a family of five, and you’re saving a TON on a November vacation.

Is the Disney Vacation Club Worth It?

So, is the Disney Vacation Club worth it? With savings ranging from 40% to 70% — we say it is! Ultimately, you would have to be the judge.

One way to see if it’s right for you is to rent points before you buy, and we encourage that. Whatever you choose, we hope you have the best Disney experience you can dream up!

We hope you raise your game to a Club Level Disney World Resort experience.

Still Looking for more information on all the Disney World Resorts? Check out our resort reviews!

Are WDW Annual Passes Coming Back? Maybe not…

Annual Passes at Walt Disney World Resort are currently paused. And based on the latest news in The Walt Disney Company’s Q3 Earnings Report, that may not be changing anytime soon. The Theme Parks division reported strong earnings for Q3. It looks like the normal guest demand will continue to delay Annual Passes returning.

Demand for Genie+ is High

Although this may go counter to a lot of prevailing opinions online, this quote from Bob Chapek, CEO, sums up how the company feels about Genie+.

Mr. Chapek specifically discusses how they can use Genie+ and park reservations to smooth out demand.

“So if we see any spikiness, we can actually smooth that in a way that we couldn’t before. And We’re real pleased with that because even our Genie product, which, as you know, we released just a little bit short of a year ago, now about 50% of the people that come through the gate actually buy up to that Genie product, which I think you can see the result of in our yields.” – Bob Chapek

Genie+ has become a real source of revenue for the company, so don’t expect any changes in the short term. The strength in this revenue also delays the need to release more AP in Walt Disney World.

5 Best Rides at Magic Kingdom 2022

Will Disney World Annual Passes come back in 2022?

I would bet a Mickey Pretzel that Annual Passes don’t return in 2022. Annual passes are distributed at Theme Parks to fill in demand and encourage consistent attendance. And once your in the park, everyone buys drinks, snacks, and merchandise. Without a large number of AP holders last quarter, Q3 Disney Parks segment revenue was up 70%.

Based on the current attendance and financials, Walt Disney World Resort isn’t under any pressure to bring those Annual Pass Holders back. In reality, demand is high enough that they may not bring back Annual Passes in 2023.

In the absence of Annual Passes, check out our guide to saving money on tickets. And a great place to start your Walt Disney World Planning is to check out our Budgeting guide for 2022.