Can You Meet Raya at Disney World?

Kumandra might be closer than we think! Raya made her Walt Disney World debut in November of 2022 in the “Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade” at Magic Kingdom! Raya replaced Moana on one of the main floats that she now shares with Merida, Elena, Mulan, and Pocahontas. This makes for quite a sight as we see some of Disney’s most courageous characters during this spectacle. The Cavalcade typically runs at 5:10PM or 6:25PM. Still, it is best to check the My Disney Experience app for the most up-to-date times for the shows. They are always subject to change. 

Raya Merchandise at Disney World

You are in luck if you want to hit the parks dressed in Raya merchandise! From her shoes to her Iconic hat, you can find the complete set at the World of Disney (Disney Springs) and some shops throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom. You can also find plushies and t-shirts with other characters in almost every park, such as Sisu and Tuk Tuk.¬†

Future Raya Meet and Greet

While we may still need to meet Raya in a meet and greet, many locations would be perfect if the parks decided to do it in the future. In 2021, when Raya and the Last Dragon was released, Animal Kingdom hosted a massive sand sculpture under a pavilion near the Flame Tree Barbeque. The Animation Experience at Rafiki’s Planet Watch even hosted a lesson on drawing Tuk Tuk. The animations are currently limited to Timon (The Lion King) and Chief Bogo (Zootopia). 

Other Disney Location Sightings

¬†Raya has been spotted in Disneyland locations in Shanghai and California for in-person meet and greets. Still, she has only appeared in the Cavalcade for Walt Disney World so far. Disney officials have not announced whether Raya will get an official Ceremony as Merida did back in 2013 and Elsa and Anna in 2020 via a virtual coronation ceremony, but I am hoping they will! As part of 2022’s World Princess Week, Raya was named as part of the Official Disney Princess Lineup.

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