Best Golf Courses at Disney World Resort

Disney may be known for its theme parks and resorts, but do you know Disney also has some excellent golf courses? Disney World is the stuff of dreams for most kids, but it may also have a little magic for golfers. There are several excellent courses in the Disney realm.

If you’re a golf enthusiast, you’ll love playing in Disney World, which is managed by the Arnold Palmer Group.

Disney World Golf Courses

Three 18-hole courses and one 9-hole walking course are available within the Walt Disney World Resort. These golf courses are so near the theme park that players can hear the Disney World Railroad whistle. The Palm, Oak Trail, and Magnolia are in the Shades of Green Resort close to the Magic Kingdom. The Lake Buena Vista Golf Course is situated in the Disney Springs Resort region.

Every one of these courses has different monthly rates, so you should call ahead to confirm the current rates.

  • Disney’s Palm Golf Course
  • Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course
  • Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course
  • Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Golf Course

Disney World Golf Equipment Rental

Don’t worry about not travelling with your clubs. Each course has all the rental equipment that you’ll need from clubs, ball, and even golf shoes. There is equipment available for adults and juniors so be sure to bring the kids along.

Disney World Golf Cart Rental

The use of a golf cart is included in your greens fee; there is no additional cart fee. Carts are designed to be shared by 2 Guests and are equipped with a small cooler, a sand bucket to fill divots, front windshields and rear pull-down club covers, in case of a passing shower.

To provide an enjoyable pace of play, players are required to use our golf carts on our 3 championship courses.

Disney’s Palm Golf Course

Golfers can enjoy beautiful surroundings at the 18-hole Palm Golf Course across from the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

The holes on this course are designed with lots of palm trees, which enhances the overall aesthetic appeal. It also features some areas of natural swamp land. Below are some highlights of the holes:

Disney World Golf Course
Disney’s Palm Golf Course

Disney’s Palm Golf Course Hole 2

The second hole on the Palm course is a dogleg left par four that circles the lake. The shorter the approach to the grass, which is crucial because the lake is still near the left of the steeply sloping grass, the more water flirted off the tee. On the right are bunkers, woods, and a marsh.

Disney’s Palm Golf Course Hole 3

The “Mickey” hole on the golf course features the iconic mouse face and ears as bunkers and is a straightforward hole as long as the player stays clear of the apparent dangers.

Disney’s Palm Golf Course Hole 5

 This hole is a good par four with bunkers that squeeze close to the landing area. Many bunkers are located to the left of the green, making it difficult to put.

Disney’s Palm Golf Course Hole 6

 This medium-length par four is one of the holes that causes the most difficulty for the pros. It is complex and congested to navigate the drive between the dense trees/hazards on the right and the lake to the left.

Disney’s Palm Golf Course Hole 9

The drive must stay between the palm trees and the bunkers to the lake’s right, which is not actually in play from the tee but maybe if it goes beyond those trees to the left. The green is then elevated, with the lake on the left and a large bunker to the right.

Disney’s Palm Golf Course Hole 10

This difficult hole requires a long carry to the fairway and features bunkers to the right and many trees to the left. With wetlands to the right and two strategically positioned bunkers in front left and rear right of the green, the minor dogleg left then constricts.

Disney’s Palm Golf Course Hole 12

The player must avoid five bunkers on this lengthy par three beautifully framed by lush vegetation and trees.

Disney’s Palm Golf Course Hole 13

The course’s shortest par four is a sharp dogleg guarded by a tree stand. The lake is out of play for most strokes, but the golfer who tries to cut the dogleg and pulls it will be in trouble with the bunkers and marshes to the left of the fairway. The course’s smallest green is here.

Disney’s Palm Golf Course Hole 14

 The golfer must avoid the water on the right, then attempt to clear the second lake with a double shot on this short par five scoring opportunity.

Disney’s Palm Golf Course Hole 16

 This final par three requires a raised tee shot over a lake to a green flanked by four bunkers. This golf hole is about 40 yards deep, but depending on how the pins are placed and how the wind blows, it could play long or short.

 Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course

 The golf club used the Magnolia golf course at Walt Disney World for a master’s competition where Tiger Woods competed, so if you want to test your skills. The numerous magnolia trees that dot the course inspired the golf course’s name, which is entirely suitable. Golfers will appreciate the 18 holes on this course’s longest and most difficult four Disney courses, which feature 97 bunkers and 11 water hazards! Therefore, consider checking out the Magnolia course if you wish to play the same path as Tiger Woods.

The following is a list of some of the best-designed holes:

Disney's Magnolia Golf Course
Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course Hole 1

 The opening hole is a medium-length par four with a narrow drive that must navigate between the thick trees/hazard left and the tiny creek to the right. After this, the field slopes away from the center and is surrounded by bunkers on many sides.

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course Hole 2

This hole has a short par four doglegs around a group of trees. The green is well-bunked and only somewhat deep. Although a drive to the left side of the fairway will give you a little better angle and a shorter shot, there is little need to flirt with the trees that will obstruct anything going too far right.

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course Hole 5

This lengthy dogleg right par four requires a drive that navigates between bunkers left and the dense trees to the right. While the right side offers a quicker route to the green, it also takes a more comprehensive approach over the large front bunker and magnolia tree to the left of the grass.

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course Hole 7

 Like most of the creeks on the Magnolia course, the water off the tee would need a solid draw or another terrible shot, although the vista of the hole and water is appealing. Once again, the approach leads to a green with numerous bunkers and a substantial slope.

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course Hole 9

The final hole on the front nine has a constrained drive with thick trees on each side of the fairway. The approach has to navigate numerous bunkers and water to the left of the green.

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course Hole 11

This short par four is bordered by water on the right and an unforgiving jungle of trees on the left. It would help if you made the next shot over a brook to reach the most difficult putting green on the course.

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course Hole 14

The player has two choices: lay up or decide to fly the bunkers on the corner on the right dogleg. The motorist will likely encounter trees or a lake if it is damaged and pushed. It will probably encounter trees if it is hauled. After sufficiently cutting off the dogleg, the golfer must decide whether to lay up short of the water in front of the grass or to try to play aggressively.

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course Hole 16

This hole is a bit of a hiatus on the back nine. The only significant difficulty is the water hazard, which is not in-game off the tee and will only be found with a poor approach shot.

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course Hole 17

This lengthy par four with a lot of water is the most significant hole in the layout. As long as they avoid the trees and clear the river, the player’s approach will be shorter the farther they choose to hit their drive. However, moving too far to the right also puts bunkers and a swamp in play. The green appears open, but a lake to the right is difficult to see from the fairway.

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course Hole 18

 Undoubtedly the most picturesque place on earth would expect you to finish your round strongly? Wrong! The final hole is a 450-yard par four with giant, unfriendly trees on both sides of the fairway and a bunker-filled approach shot that meets the golfer.

Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course

The Oak Trail Golf Course in Walt Disney World has nine holes. This golf course can be found directly across from the Polynesian Resort and next to the Shades of Green resort. It’s only a short 5-minute drive to the Magic Kingdom. If no bus service is offered in the area, you can still drive there or use a Minnie Van.

Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course
Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course

The golf course itself has nine holes and a par of 36. The golf course is enjoyable despite not being as creative as those nearby since it has a good balance of short and lengthy golf holes. Oak Trail is not highly challenging in comparison to other sites. A par 4 is a distance of 378 yards. There are a few par five holes, but nothing very challenging. This place is an excellent place to start for a beginner or an average golfer.

Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Golf Course

This is in 18 hole course that has hosted the PGA, LPGA, and lots of local events.

Disney's Lake Buena Vista Golf Course
Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Golf Course

Accurate approach shots are critical at Lake Buena Vista’s raised bunkered greens, designated by Audubon International as a Cooperative Wildlife sanctuary. We would also say this course has somewhat of a more secluded feeling than the other property and was also very quiet and peaceful.

Disney World Golf Courses – Final Thoughts

Anyone who enjoys golf and is a fan of Disney should visit Walt Disney World Golf. Playing all four Disney courses is a great experience and can provide a nice day out of the parks.

Looking for a great place to stay that is close to the action, check out our page on resort accommodations.

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