Want a Stress-Free Disney Vacation? Check Out the Best Babysitting Services at Walt Disney World!

Even if you plan on always having your children with you, sometimes you need someone to help you in the parks. That way, you and your family have the most magical time in Disney World. Even though Disney World is a perfect vacation for the entire family, there may be times you need a babysitter to help out while you go and get a massage or enjoy dinner with a loved one. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that you’re babysitter from back home is available while you’re on vacation, so what other options are available for parents in Disney World?

While Disney World does not have official childcare services within the parks anymore, there are a few options in the Orlando area for parents who need someone and are currently missing a magical fairy godmother to make things easier. To help make your next Disney vacation with children as magical as possible, we’ve put together a guide to some of the current babysitting services you can utilize on your next Disney vacation. 

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Camp Dolphin at WDW’s Swan and Dolphin Resort

Location: Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort

Hours: 4pm-11pm

Price: $65-85 depending on the package

Reservation Required: Yes

Camp Dolphin at Walt Disney World’s Dolphin Resort is perfect if you want to enjoy a romantic dinner or a night out with friends in EPCOT. This kid-friendly club is open from 4pm-11pm, making it ideal if you want to grab dinner or drinks with friends. You can be assured that your child or children will be in safe hands. Camp Dolphin employs counselors to keep kids entertained and safe for the afternoon or evening.

Kids can enjoy arts and crafts, board games, movies, themed activities, and a delicious meal and snack! Camp Dolphin also has game consoles, such as a Nintendo GameCube and a Playstation, for kids to have fun while you’re away.

Unfortunately, Camp Dolphin has a few restrictions you will want to know before making your reservation. It is important to note that children attending Camp Dolphin must be potty-trained. No pull-ups What are your options for a babysitter during your Disney World vacation?are allowed. If you drop your child off here, you agree to remain in the EPCOT Resort Area. This includes EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, Boardwalk, and the Swan and Dolphin Resorts.

Even though this offering is only available in the evening, it is an excellent service if you need a few hours of childcare. They have three packages: 4pm-8pm, 8pm-11pm, or 4pm-11pm.

Garden Grill with Goofy

Kid’s Nite Out

Location: Your hotel or resort room

Hours: 6:30am-11:00pm.

Price: $30 an hour for one child. $33 for two children. $36 for three children. $39 for four children. $42 for five or more children. 

Reservation Required: Yes (preferably two weeks in advance)

Kid’s Nite Out may be the best option for your family if you need a full day of childcare. This service will send a professional caregiver to your hotel room to keep young ones occupied and safe. They’ll even bring fun activities such as books and crafts to keep your little ones entertained while in their care. Whether you want to golf or spend a day in EPCOT, Kid’s Nite Out is one of the best babysitting services.

Unlike Camp Dolphin, Kid’s Nite Out will care for children as young as six weeks old. Kid’s Nite Out sitters will not be allowed to participate in any water activities, including bathing and swimming.

Kid’s Nite Out also assists those who may want a helping hand within the theme parks. You can book their Mother’s/Father’s Helper service, where they will send a caregiver to give you a helping hand while in the parks, though you must be able to provide them with a theme park ticket on top of the price for the service, which can be reasonably expensive.

Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse Together at Cinderellas Castle
Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse Together at Cinderellas Castle

Once Upon a Nanny

Location: With your family at the theme parks or resort areas

Hours: Park hours

Price: $120 for 3 hours

Reservation Required: Yes 

Once Upon a Nanny is one of the more expensive options in Orlando. They provide a fantastic service for those who want childcare without leaving their little ones in the hotel room. It’ll be like having your fairy godmother to help ensure everything runs smoothly while on your Disney vacation.

This company has three services: Helping Hands, Parent Play, and Hotel Hangout. With the Helping Hands service, a nanny will meet you in a theme park and help you with your little ones. This can make your day more manageable. You’ll have an extra set of hands to help keep kids happy and entertained in lines for attractions or while eating lunch in the middle of a hot day. For Parent Play, they’ll take your child on kid-friendly rides and attractions. At the same time, you enjoy the park areas that may have a taller height requirement. Hotel Hangout, similar to the Kid’s Nite Out service, will send someone to your room while you enjoy a massage or dinner date while your children are kept safe and entertained in the hotel room.

Babysitting at Walt Disney World

Even though Disney World is about making long-lasting memories for the entire family, one of these services can help make your next Disney vacation even more magical. It’s always right to ask for some extra help in the parks. Whether you need a helping hand to accompany you during your Disney adventures or prefer someone stay back in the room with the little ones, one of these services will help you make the most of your vacation.

Whether you’re traveling with young children, teens, or adults, we’ve got you covered. From the whimsical fun of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort to the luxurious elegance of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, we’ve got something for everyone. So look at our resort reviews and start planning your dream Disney vacation today!

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