3 Alternatives to Magical Express

Disney’s Magical Express will no longer be operating as of January 2022. For everyone that loved the service and are now looking for alternatives to Magical Express to get from MCO to Walt Disney World Resort.

Here are the 3 best alternatives to Magical Express available for transportation. For each, I’ll share Pros, Cons, as well as potential prices. My assumption is that there are 2 adults and 2 children travelling (ages 7 & 9). I’ll also assume that once the travelers get to WDW they’ll use Disney Transportation to get around the parks, resorts, and Disney Springs. Ultimately your decision depends on your family needs but my goal is for this article to help think through the options.

Mears Connect

For anyone that may not have known, Magical Express was actually operated by Mears. It was just licensed to include all of the Disney experience on a coach bus. The new service from Mears will operate almost exactly like Magical Express. It will even be located out of the same location at MCO. Mears Connect boards on level 1, ground transportation level, in terminal B, at Orlando International Airport. Sound familiar? Your return service will also be sent to your room a day before departing.

Prices Below:

One Way

Adult: $16.00

Child: $13.50

Round Trip

Adult: $32.00

Child: $27.00

Total for 2 Adults / 2 Kids Roundtrip: $118


Sunshine Flyer

Sunshine Flyer is a new bus service operating from MCO to Walt Disney World Resorts. It operates premium motor coaches wrapped to look like 1920’s era locomotives and passenger cars. It’ll also be located on Level 1 of Terminal B. The new service has committed that 65 minutes is the longest time from MCO to your WDW destination. Cost is very comparable to Mears Connect.

Prices Below:

One Way

Adult: $17.00

Child: $12.50

Round Trip

Adult: $34.00

Child: $25.00

Total for 2 Adults / 2 Kids Roundtrip: $118


Ride Share Alternative to Magical Express

If you’re looking for more flexibility and potentially lower prices, ride share services like Uber and Lyft may be for you. The only potential downside may that you don’t get to pick the driver or vehicle. There is also an option to order a pick up that includes a car seat if you need one. This can be a little tricky though and I’ve found that during certain times, a driver with a car seat can be limited. But if you have TSA Pre Check or Clear it gives you the option to not get to the airport 3 hours before departure.

I checked prices on 1/3/22 @ 9:30am. Ride Share prices will vary by date and time but this should be a general estimation. I used Pop Century as the resort drop off.

  • Uber

Prices Below:

One Way

UberX: $35.99

UberXL: $52.98

UberX Car Seat: $45.99

  • Lyft

Prices Below:

One Way

Lyft: $37.77

LyftXL: $46.76

Lyft Car Seat: N/A

Car Rental as Alternative to Magical Express

Car rental at MCO may be the most expensive but it also will give you the most flexibility as an alternative to Magical Express. This is also a great option for anyone that may also be exploring Universal Studios, Sea World, or Legoland. Just keep in mind that there are additional parking fees that you will incur while staying on Walt Disney World Resort property. The resort fee does include standard theme park parking if you want to drive to the parks.

Parking Fees:

Value Resort: $15 per night

Moderate Resort: $20 per night

Deluxe Resort: $25 per night

Save at Shop Disney!

  • Turo

Turo is like AirBNB for car rentals. You are renting the car from an individual that can either meet you at the airport or drop the car off. I’ve used Turo in the past and it was a great experience. Due to the volume of traffic through MCO, the people that rent their cars here are very professional.

Rental 1/15 – 1/22

Nissan Altima

$59 per Day

$471 Estimated Total


  • Hertz / Budget / Etc.

Rental 1/15 – 1/22

Medium Sedan

$349 Estimated Total


Affiliate Disclosure

Sometimes I use affiliate links. That just means that I may earn a commission when you use one of the products or services that I write reviews for. My goal is to write blog posts about my experience and share that with you. If you end up purchasing based on a review on the site, I might get back a few dollars to plan the next Disney World Trip. I’m trying to find a good balance where I take more trips and provide more reviews! 

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