Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Review


Caribbean Beach is a moderate resort with excellent amenities for children and families. If a luxury resort is out of your price range, but you want something more than a value resort, then Caribbean Beach is the place to be. Journey into a world where time slows down and your cares fade away in the midst of Calypso melodies. Resort guests are invited into a relaxing paradise with vibrant colors and lush surroundings.

Caribbean Beach Resort Location

The property is located near Epcot and Hollywood Studios, making it ideal for guests who like to spend time at these parks. It’s also close to Disney Springs, which is excellent for shopping or dining. There are six beautiful villages with two-story buildings. They are named Trinidad North, Trinidad South, Jamaica, Barbados, Aruba, and Martinique. They are located around Barefoot Bay, a 45-acre lake. Each village has its own theme and swimming pool and includes sand beaches, playgrounds, lounge chairs, and comfy hammocks. The tropical resort gives you the feeling that you are in the islands rather than Orlando, Florida.

Caribbean Beach Resort Map

Room Types

The Caribbean Beach Resort offers a variety of room types, including standard rooms with two queen beds, two queen beds with a child-size pull-down bed, and a king room. There are also several pirate-themed rooms with two double beds. The preferred rooms are more expensive but closer to the center of the action and the dining area.

During their island-themed vacation, guests have easy access to check-in, concierge services, hotel amenities, and dining at Old Port Royale. Here you will find the Calypso Trading Post, which sells resort-themed clothing and merchandise in addition to the standard Disney clothing and souvenirs found throughout the resorts. Snacks, sundries, and convenience items are also available at the shop.

Caribbean Beach Dining Options

Eat at Centertown Market, a colorful counter-service restaurant fashioned after a street market that serves classic breakfast dishes and savory Latin- and Caribbean-inspired meals. Centertown Market also has a grab-and-go section with a variety of delectable items.

Sebastian’s Bistro, also at The Old Port Royale, is a charming island-style restaurant where you’ll be delighted with family dishes infused with rich Latin and Caribbean flavors. The Banana Cabana full-service pool bar and lounge is a popular spot where you can get your island vibe or sit and relax on the deck overlooking the lake.

The Spyglass Grill in the Trinidad section offers counter-service ordering and covered outdoor seating. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all available. Joffrey’s Coffee is a quick serve beverage and snack stand near the Skyliner transportation station. This is convenient if you are in a hurry and need a bite before heading to the parks.

Walk Towards Cinderella’s Castle at Magic Kingdom

Resort Amenities

The main attractions are the Fuentes del Morro Pool and the surrounding area. Kids and kids at heart can imagine themselves as pirates at this old Spanish fort with a zero-entry pool, two slides, and water cannons. Climb an 82-foot staircase to the top of a turret for a ride down the enormous 102ft slide that runs through the fortress wall! There is a shorter slide and a shipwreck play area, complete with mini slides, a crow’s nest, and a barrel that periodically downpours, which is a favorite among kids. There is also a 12-person spa for relaxing after a day at the parks.

When you’re not playing pirates or relaxing by the pool, there are plenty of other things to do. You can play volleyball on white sand beaches, take a jog, or walk the 0.6-mile course in the lush landscape surrounding Bay Lake. A nightly movie under the stars is offered on Caribbean Cay. Another popular activity is sitting around an old-fashioned campfire in the Martinique beach area, complete with marshmallow roasting.

Transportation Options

The resort is big, so if your room is on the opposite side and you don’t want to walk, they have an internal bus service. Transportation to the parks and Disney Springs is available by bus or you might wish to check out the new Skyliner Gondola service, which has made the Caribbean Beach Resort its central hub. It will connect you to Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and a few exclusive resorts.

Pluto Gondola on the Skyliner at Walt Disney World

Overall Thought Caribbean Beach Resort

There are so many advantages to bringing your family to this beautiful resort that you may wonder if there are any disadvantages to staying here. There aren’t many, but here are a few.

For starters, the resort is enormous, making bus transportation difficult. They must pick up passengers at each village of the resort. You should add extra time to your schedule if that is your preferred mode of transportation. Although the Skyliner Gondola is a delightful new service, getting to the hub can be a bit of a walk, not to mention the long lines to board.

It is also quite a distance to walk from the resort’s far reaches to Old Port Royale if you stay in one of the outermost villages. Some buildings may require at least 15 minutes to get there. I recommend staying closer and paying for a preferred room.

Another drawback is that the rooms are slightly smaller than other moderate hotel rooms at Disney. The pirate-themed rooms are the furthest away and have only two double beds, unlike the other rooms with queen beds. It would be helpful if you also remembered that there are no elevators. Guests with limited mobility will be inconvenienced.

Overall, the Caribbean Beach Resort is one of the more stunning resorts at Walt Disney World. The unique features and prime location make this a great choice. If you want a more relaxing vacation with plenty of fun opportunities, you will likely enjoy your stay here. That being said, if you don’t like a lot of walking, you will want to choose a room near the Old Port Royale. If taking crowded buses with many stops is not your thing, you will want a room near the Skyliner Gondola hub.

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Best Golf Courses at Disney World Resort


Disney may be known for its theme parks and resorts, but do you know Disney also has some excellent golf courses? Disney World is the stuff of dreams for most kids, but it may also have a little magic for golfers. There are several excellent courses in the Disney realm.

If you’re a golf enthusiast, you’ll love playing in Disney World, which is managed by the Arnold Palmer Group.

Disney World Golf Courses

Three 18-hole courses and one 9-hole walking course are available within the Walt Disney World Resort. These golf courses are so near the theme park that players can hear the Disney World Railroad whistle. The Palm, Oak Trail, and Magnolia are in the Shades of Green Resort close to the Magic Kingdom. The Lake Buena Vista Golf Course is situated in the Disney Springs Resort region.

Every one of these courses has different monthly rates, so you should call ahead to confirm the current rates.

  • Disney’s Palm Golf Course
  • Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course
  • Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course
  • Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Golf Course

Disney World Golf Equipment Rental

Don’t worry about not travelling with your clubs. Each course has all the rental equipment that you’ll need from clubs, ball, and even golf shoes. There is equipment available for adults and juniors so be sure to bring the kids along.

Disney World Golf Cart Rental

The use of a golf cart is included in your greens fee; there is no additional cart fee. Carts are designed to be shared by 2 Guests and are equipped with a small cooler, a sand bucket to fill divots, front windshields and rear pull-down club covers, in case of a passing shower.

To provide an enjoyable pace of play, players are required to use our golf carts on our 3 championship courses.

Disney’s Palm Golf Course

Golfers can enjoy beautiful surroundings at the 18-hole Palm Golf Course across from the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

The holes on this course are designed with lots of palm trees, which enhances the overall aesthetic appeal. It also features some areas of natural swamp land. Below are some highlights of the holes:

Disney’s Palm Golf Course

Disney’s Palm Golf Course Hole 2

The second hole on the Palm course is a dogleg left par four that circles the lake. The shorter the approach to the grass, which is crucial because the lake is still near the left of the steeply sloping grass, the more water flirted off the tee. On the right are bunkers, woods, and a marsh.

Disney’s Palm Golf Course Hole 3

The “Mickey” hole on the golf course features the iconic mouse face and ears as bunkers and is a straightforward hole as long as the player stays clear of the apparent dangers.

Disney’s Palm Golf Course Hole 5

 This hole is a good par four with bunkers that squeeze close to the landing area. Many bunkers are located to the left of the green, making it difficult to put.

Disney’s Palm Golf Course Hole 6

 This medium-length par four is one of the holes that causes the most difficulty for the pros. It is complex and congested to navigate the drive between the dense trees/hazards on the right and the lake to the left.

Disney’s Palm Golf Course Hole 9

The drive must stay between the palm trees and the bunkers to the lake’s right, which is not actually in play from the tee but maybe if it goes beyond those trees to the left. The green is then elevated, with the lake on the left and a large bunker to the right.

Disney’s Palm Golf Course Hole 10

This difficult hole requires a long carry to the fairway and features bunkers to the right and many trees to the left. With wetlands to the right and two strategically positioned bunkers in front left and rear right of the green, the minor dogleg left then constricts.

Disney’s Palm Golf Course Hole 12

The player must avoid five bunkers on this lengthy par three beautifully framed by lush vegetation and trees.

Disney’s Palm Golf Course Hole 13

The course’s shortest par four is a sharp dogleg guarded by a tree stand. The lake is out of play for most strokes, but the golfer who tries to cut the dogleg and pulls it will be in trouble with the bunkers and marshes to the left of the fairway. The course’s smallest green is here.

Disney’s Palm Golf Course Hole 14

 The golfer must avoid the water on the right, then attempt to clear the second lake with a double shot on this short par five scoring opportunity.

Disney’s Palm Golf Course Hole 16

 This final par three requires a raised tee shot over a lake to a green flanked by four bunkers. This golf hole is about 40 yards deep, but depending on how the pins are placed and how the wind blows, it could play long or short.

 Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course

 The golf club used the Magnolia golf course at Walt Disney World for a master’s competition where Tiger Woods competed, so if you want to test your skills. The numerous magnolia trees that dot the course inspired the golf course’s name, which is entirely suitable. Golfers will appreciate the 18 holes on this course’s longest and most difficult four Disney courses, which feature 97 bunkers and 11 water hazards! Therefore, consider checking out the Magnolia course if you wish to play the same path as Tiger Woods.

The following is a list of some of the best-designed holes:

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course Hole 1

 The opening hole is a medium-length par four with a narrow drive that must navigate between the thick trees/hazard left and the tiny creek to the right. After this, the field slopes away from the center and is surrounded by bunkers on many sides.

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course Hole 2

This hole has a short par four doglegs around a group of trees. The green is well-bunked and only somewhat deep. Although a drive to the left side of the fairway will give you a little better angle and a shorter shot, there is little need to flirt with the trees that will obstruct anything going too far right.

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course Hole 5

This lengthy dogleg right par four requires a drive that navigates between bunkers left and the dense trees to the right. While the right side offers a quicker route to the green, it also takes a more comprehensive approach over the large front bunker and magnolia tree to the left of the grass.

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course Hole 7

 Like most of the creeks on the Magnolia course, the water off the tee would need a solid draw or another terrible shot, although the vista of the hole and water is appealing. Once again, the approach leads to a green with numerous bunkers and a substantial slope.

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course Hole 9

The final hole on the front nine has a constrained drive with thick trees on each side of the fairway. The approach has to navigate numerous bunkers and water to the left of the green.

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course Hole 11

This short par four is bordered by water on the right and an unforgiving jungle of trees on the left. It would help if you made the next shot over a brook to reach the most difficult putting green on the course.

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course Hole 14

The player has two choices: lay up or decide to fly the bunkers on the corner on the right dogleg. The motorist will likely encounter trees or a lake if it is damaged and pushed. It will probably encounter trees if it is hauled. After sufficiently cutting off the dogleg, the golfer must decide whether to lay up short of the water in front of the grass or to try to play aggressively.

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course Hole 16

This hole is a bit of a hiatus on the back nine. The only significant difficulty is the water hazard, which is not in-game off the tee and will only be found with a poor approach shot.

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course Hole 17

This lengthy par four with a lot of water is the most significant hole in the layout. As long as they avoid the trees and clear the river, the player’s approach will be shorter the farther they choose to hit their drive. However, moving too far to the right also puts bunkers and a swamp in play. The green appears open, but a lake to the right is difficult to see from the fairway.

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course Hole 18

 Undoubtedly the most picturesque place on earth would expect you to finish your round strongly? Wrong! The final hole is a 450-yard par four with giant, unfriendly trees on both sides of the fairway and a bunker-filled approach shot that meets the golfer.

Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course

The Oak Trail Golf Course in Walt Disney World has nine holes. This golf course can be found directly across from the Polynesian Resort and next to the Shades of Green resort. It’s only a short 5-minute drive to the Magic Kingdom. If no bus service is offered in the area, you can still drive there or use a Minnie Van.

Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course

The golf course itself has nine holes and a par of 36. The golf course is enjoyable despite not being as creative as those nearby since it has a good balance of short and lengthy golf holes. Oak Trail is not highly challenging in comparison to other sites. A par 4 is a distance of 378 yards. There are a few par five holes, but nothing very challenging. This place is an excellent place to start for a beginner or an average golfer.

Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Golf Course

This is in 18 hole course that has hosted the PGA, LPGA, and lots of local events.

Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Golf Course

Accurate approach shots are critical at Lake Buena Vista’s raised bunkered greens, designated by Audubon International as a Cooperative Wildlife sanctuary. We would also say this course has somewhat of a more secluded feeling than the other property and was also very quiet and peaceful.

Disney World Golf Courses – Final Thoughts

Anyone who enjoys golf and is a fan of Disney should visit Walt Disney World Golf. Playing all four Disney courses is a great experience and can provide a nice day out of the parks.

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The Top YouTube Vloggers at Disney World


Want to know all the ins and outs of Walt Disney World? These vloggers will provide all the content needed to create a great plan for your next trip. If this is your first trip, or first trip in a while, watching YouTube videos is a great way to catch up with how Walt Disney World Resort operates on a daily basis.

Is Genie plus too complicated on paper? Watching a video of Molly making Genie plus and individual lightning lane reservations throughout her Magic Kingdom day can be a much easier way to learn.

All of the creators below do a great job of highlighting the excitement and fun that takes place at Walt Disney World.

So let’s learn a little more about the vloggers and where you can find them!

Super Enthused

One of the things that makes the Super Enthused channel special, is Jackie’s very enthusiastic and positive attitude. She does a great job of mixing entertainment and education about all things Disney World. And even though she travels a lot to Disney, it never feels like its her job. She gets just as excited about all the Disney World festivities as someone that only goes once a year.

Magic Kingdom Balloons

The YouTube Channel started as an extension of Jackie’s blog in 2017. And it’s not all Disney, so you can expect to see lots of tourist spots around Florida. The recent road trip that included stops at Cedar Point, Holiday World, and Gatlinburg were great.

So if you are looking for what to expect in Disney World, and also explore other attractions in the area, I would definitely recommend watching Super Enthused!

Halloween Merchandise at Disney Springs


Disney Food Blog is one of the go to channels if you want up to date news. I really recommend this channel to make sure you are ready for any changes close to your vacation. Over the last few years, things have changed so quickly at Disney World and DFBGuide has kept up with all of it.

The channel is also a great resource for definitive guides to Genie+, Lightning Lanes, Rides, Restaurants, Snacks, etc.

For even more in depth information of Disney Dining, be sure to check out their extensive website that explores all the food options.

How to Do Everything in Disney World in One Week

All Ears

All Ears is one of the best Disney YouTube channels out there. They have in depth videos that really dig in to what you’ll experience while at Disney World. They send out a mixture of contributors that can give different perspectives of all parts of the resort.

A great example of the in depth videos are the challenge videos. Some of my favorite videos are the transportation challenge videos. Molly, Breedlove, and Quincy all head to the park at the same time by different transportation options, and we get to see how fast each method is. So if you think it’s faster to get to Hollywood Studios by Skyliner, let’s watch and find out!

All Ears Challenge from EPCOT To Hollywood Studios

All Ears also has a blog that gives even more information about all things Disney World. They collect a lot of guest feedback and ratings that can help you make decisions on resorts, dining, etc.

Also, if you haven’t heard, Molly, Alan, and DuckFist left All Ears to start their own YouTube Channel. Let’s take a look at this one next.

Walk down Main Street USA to Cinderella’s Castle

Mammoth Club

This is the newest YouTube channel of the bunch but my guess is that it grows very quickly. The Mammoth Club will feature Molly, Alan, and Max ( AKA DuckFist) explaining all things Disney World.

Out of all the channels that we will mention on the page, a lot would agree, that Molly is the best at mixing education and entertainment. It would be easy to see her in a mainstream TV Travel show.

So while the channel only has a few videos at the moment, be sure to tune in for all of the Disney World and Universal content that they’ll provide.

Molly at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

The TimTracker

This channel is a little different, in that it revolves around Tim, Jen, and their son Jackson. While the channel is a lot about Disney World, it also features a lot of other attractions in Central Florida.

We have a son close in age to Jackson, so it’s been fun to see that activities they do as a family and what we may be interested in as well.

The video that Tim, Jen, and Jackson made at Peppa Pig Theme Park made us put that in our plans for October.

It’s a great family channel and an added bonus is all of the Disney World content.

The Tim Tracker and family at the Magic Kingdom


If you are looking for Disney World ambience in a YouTube channel, this one is for you! It’s a great channel to put on in the background and just soak in all the sights and sounds.

There is no voiceover or narration but this channel really doesn’t need it. 4K WDW really is a special channel and if you want to feel like you’re in the Magic while at home, tune in to this one.

Magic Kingdom Adventureland Walk Through

Looking for something different to put on screen instead of the weather channel or CNN, try 4K WDW!


I discovered ROPE DROP while working remotely. Pat goes to Magic Kingdom almost everyday and live streams from the park. It’s a lot of fun to see all of the activities everyday and will automatically put you in a better mood!

The channel also has a very active community with its own Discord. So if you are looking for a place that includes other Disney Adults, ROPE DROP is a great place to start.

Pat Live Streams From Magic Kingdom

Now you know what to expect while in the parks. Still need a great place to stay? Check out our Walt Disney World Resort reviews.

Flamingo Crossings – Close to Everything Disney!


Flamingo Crossings is a new exciting area close to Disney World. It’s situated only a few minutes from the theme parks. Flamingo Crossings has all sorts of amenities that one would want to access, including restaurants, shops, and of course, accommodations that are affordable. Its located just off Western Way and State Road 429, near Animal Kingdom and Coronado Springs.

Flamingo Crossings Hotels

Flamingo Crossings is a great option for budget travelers while still being close to all the Walt Disney World magic.

Now, Let’s look at the pros and cons of the hotels in the area!

SpringHill Suites by Marriott at Flamingo Crossings

SpringHill Suites has an overall rating of 4.5/5 stars. The cheapest rate for this suite is $119 per night and includes free WiFi, complimentary breakfast, and access to all of the suite’s amenities. A further perk is that parking here is free. In addition, the suite aims to give guests access to comfortable lodgings with easy access to the area’s famous attractions and only 30 miles away from the nearest airport-Orlando International Airport.

SpringHill Suites by Marriott also ensures that guests will not miss the fireworks displays from Disney World that take place every night. All rooms are equipped with flat-screen TVs, microwaves, fridges, and office desks. And if this is not exciting enough, then take into account the fact that you would have full access to a fitness suite as a guest there.


  • Outdoor pool
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee machine
  • Free WiFi
  • Free Parking
  • Fitness center
  • Bar/lounge


  • There have been reviews of the front-desk staff being unfriendly
  • The parking lot is not available at night
Flamingo Pool Toy

TownePlace Suites by Marriott at Flamingo Crossings

TownePlace Suites is located in Winter Garden within Flamingo Crossings Village and less than a mile from Disney World. The hotel is rated 4.5/5 stars. The hotel has an outdoor pool, hot tubs, a games room, laundry facilities, dry cleaning services, a fitness center, a restaurant, and a complimentary breakfast buffet.


  • Pets allowed
  • Great amenities
  • Complimentary on-site parking
  • Near Disney World
  • Accepts credit cards
  • Air con


  • Facilities need upgrading
  • Communication between staff is not the best, according to customer reviews

Residence Inn by Marriott at Flamingo Crossings

Residence Inn has an overall rating of 4.9/5 stars and is also situated in Winter Garden, making it close to Disney World. It has various amenities for guests to access and offers a complimentary grocery delivery service.


  • Complimentary grocery delivery service
  • Free WiFi
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Fitness center
  • Heated swimming pool
  • Pets allowed
  • Daily shuttle to Disney World


  • Staff are not as friendly, according to customer reviews
Mickey Mouse and Pinocchio at Magic Kingdom

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott at Flamingo Crossings

Fairfield Inn and Suites has an overall rating of 4.7/5 stars. The high-end rooms are equipped with minifridges and microwaves. The suite also has a mini soccer field, basketball courts, battling cages, and a fitness center. One can definitely keep busy here.


  • State of the art Sports Court
  • Minifridges and microwaves in high-end rooms
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Complimentary parking
  • Pool-side delivery


  • Pets are not allowed

Homewood Suites by Hilton at Flamingo Crossings

The Homewood Suites has an overall rating of 4.5/5 stars and is situated in the winter garden in Flamingo Crossings and is only a ten-minute commute to Disney World. The bathrooms have hair dryers and are also stocked with complimentary toiletries. The only downside to Homewood Suites is that it is near a building site, so it may be a little loud.


  • Pet-friendly rooms
  • Free WiFi
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Outdoor pool
  • Complimentary parking
  • Streaming TV
  • Meeting rooms available
  • Air conditioning
  • Gym
  • Pets allowed
  • Spacious suites


  • Breakfast options are limited
  • Close to the building site

Home2 Suites by Hilton at Flamingo Crossings

Home2 Suites is very similar to Homewood Suites, but the only difference is that it is geared toward those who want to stay longer. Therefore, it has laundry facilities, a small kitchen, and a gym. As a result, this suite is known as a ‘lesser’ version of Homewood Suites.


  • Laundry facilities
  • Small kitchens
  • Gym
  • Complimentary breakfasts
  • Pets allowed
  • Eco-friendly pools


  • Cleaning services are available only once a week
  • According to customers, management is not professional
  • Uncomfortable beds

Thus, if we had to pick the best suite within the village, our choice would go with both Fairfield Inn and Residence Inn.

Flamingo Crossings Village Overview

So, we’ve looked at the different suites that you can find within the Flamingo Village and now have more of an idea as to which one you might want to choose when visiting Disney World. It is clear that the village has many amenities for its guests to access and has many different stores located within the village. This enables a more convenient stay, as you won’t be caught in the rat race that is Disney World 24/7. In addition, you will be able to have the evenings as a family to relax and recoup after long, adventurous days. So, let’s take a look at the overall pros and cons of staying within the Flamingo Crossings Village.

Overall Pros of Flamingo Crossings

Less Traffic Compared to Disney Springs

Let’s face it, Disney World is nothing short of magical, but it can become jam-packed and demanding. Consequently, staying within the Flamingo Crossings Village may be a great way to combat the busyness.

Stores/Restaurants Available Within the Village

Who doesn’t love a good restaurant or shop? You will have access to all of the stores listed below.

  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • Five Below
  • Persimmon Hollow Brewing Company
  • Nick Filet
  • Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
  • PDQ
  • Five Guys
  • Firehouse Subs
  • Starbucks
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • UPS Store

New Establishments

All of the suites that have been opened within Flamingo Crossings Village are no older than 6 years. This means that the buildings are still new and that you won’t need to sleep on an old bed that the whole of Florida has slept on before. The ‘most senior’ suites are SpringHill and TownePlace, and the rest of the suites are only 2 years old.

Mostly Family Orientated

Flamingo Crossings Village is very family-orientated and pet-friendly, making it a friendly and safe environment for all.

Cons of Flamingo Crossings

Own Transportation

Disney transportation does not service Flamingo Crossings Village, so if you want to stay here, you would need to drive your own car or use Uber. The only exception is that some suites may offer transport to Disney World-this may be limited, however.

Too Quiet

For some, Flamingo Crossings Village may be too quiet. This is dependent on every individual, though.

Is Flamingo Crossings Right for You?

Thus, after having had a look at all of the detailed information provided, you are now able to make the best decision for you and your family when wanting to visit Disney World. Either way, visiting Disney World is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most and is an invigorating experience. Your holiday will be packed with real-life Disney adventures, and the memories that you will make as a family will never be forgotten. You can rest assured that your trip to Disney World, along with your stay within the Flamingo Crossings Village, is the perfect recipe.

You will have access to affordable accommodation, a vast array of restaurants to choose from, many different amenities to keep you busy if you have an extra day when you will not be visiting the park, and options to book longer stays if you are in town for a while. Lounge by the outdoor pool and order drinks from the bar for you and your family. Make sure that your clothes are washed with laundry services, and stock up on some groceries with a complimentary grocery delivery service with some of the suites within the village. It’s basically like living in your own little town while on holiday. Moreover, if you are a person who cannot be away from their fur baby for too long, then Flamingo Crossings Village is the place to be. Most suites offer a pet-friendly space.

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Are WDW Annual Passes Coming Back? Maybe not…


Annual Passes at Walt Disney World Resort are currently paused. And based on the latest news in The Walt Disney Company’s Q3 Earnings Report, that may not be changing anytime soon. The Theme Parks division reported strong earnings for Q3. It looks like the normal guest demand will continue to delay Annual Passes returning.

Demand for Genie+ is High

Although this may go counter to a lot of prevailing opinions online, this quote from Bob Chapek, CEO, sums up how the company feels about Genie+.

Mr. Chapek specifically discusses how they can use Genie+ and park reservations to smooth out demand.

“So if we see any spikiness, we can actually smooth that in a way that we couldn’t before. And We’re real pleased with that because even our Genie product, which, as you know, we released just a little bit short of a year ago, now about 50% of the people that come through the gate actually buy up to that Genie product, which I think you can see the result of in our yields.” – Bob Chapek

Genie+ has become a real source of revenue for the company, so don’t expect any changes in the short term. The strength in this revenue also delays the need to release more AP in Walt Disney World.

5 Best Rides at Magic Kingdom 2022

Will Disney World Annual Passes come back in 2022?

I would bet a Mickey Pretzel that Annual Passes don’t return in 2022. Annual passes are distributed at Theme Parks to fill in demand and encourage consistent attendance. And once your in the park, everyone buys drinks, snacks, and merchandise. Without a large number of AP holders last quarter, Q3 Disney Parks segment revenue was up 70%.

Based on the current attendance and financials, Walt Disney World Resort isn’t under any pressure to bring those Annual Pass Holders back. In reality, demand is high enough that they may not bring back Annual Passes in 2023.

In the absence of Annual Passes, check out our guide to saving money on tickets. And a great place to start your Walt Disney World Planning is to check out our Budgeting guide for 2022.

How to Budget for a Walt Disney World Vacation


The rides, Cinderella’s Castle, the parades, and seeing your favorite animated stars come to life make a trip to Walt Disney World one of the most beautiful things you can do. So, the next question is, How much to budget for your Walt Disney World vacation?

We’ve spent a wide range of money when visiting Disney World over the years. Just keep in mind, no matter how much money you have to spend, the best part is being in the World’s Most Magical Place with your family.

 We have travelled on a minimal budget and enjoyed the less expensive activities. We’ve also went to Disney World with more money to spend and took advantage of some of the more expensive and exclusive things they had to offer.

Walt Disney World Budget Planning Spreadsheet

No matter what the budget, you’ll run out of money before you run out of things to do at Walt Disney World. Your budget will assist you in cutting expenses where necessary and focus on the activities you really want to do while on vacation. So before booking anything, setting a budget is the first step in preparing for a Walt Disney World Resort vacation.

I’ll walk you through each step in our Disney World vacation planning guide so you can accurately estimate your trip’s costs. You’ll never capture everything that will be spent but this will give you a close estimate of what to expect.

To build an estimate of the trip, we’re assuming a 7 day / 6 night vacation with 2 adults and 2 children. So please adjust as needed and keep in mind if you are travelling with 5 or more, your options for rooms may change.

Disney World Resorts and Surrounding Accommodations

There are about five options to consider while selecting a hotel:

  • Disney Value Resorts
  • Disney Moderate Resorts
  • Disney Deluxe Resorts
  • Off-property Resorts
  • Disney Deluxe Villas

Although another choice, Airbnb’s prices vary too much even to include it in this section. However, you must budget $100 or so each night for a house or condo close to Disney World.

Here is the price breakdown for the accommodation for a 6-night stay. These are estimates at the time but will provide a general expectation of price per night.

Disney Value Resort

The most affordable lodging options at Disney World are Disney Value Resorts. Although they feature external corridors, they are themed in the most original, enjoyable, and family-friendly ways imaginable.

The Disney Value Resorts (along with their typical nightly accommodation rates) are:

  • Disney’s All-Star Music Resort = $140/night
  • Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort = $140/night
  • Disney’s Pop Century Resort$191/night
  • Disney’s All-Start Movies Resort = $140/night
  • Disney’s Art of Animation Resort = $179/night

As a result of the large year-round fluctuations in room rates, the prices shown here are merely typical ones that I have come across. In February 2023, during the off-season, I’ve seen them go for as little as $111.

Disney Moderate Resort

This is the next step up in Disney World Resorts and will provide more amenities when compared to the Value Resorts. While having a higher level of luxury than Value Resorts, Disney Moderate Resorts still feature outside corridors. Furthermore, compared to Value Resorts, they are typically calmer and less chaotic.

The following are the Disney Moderate Resorts, along with their typical nightly room rates:

  • Disney’s Port Orleans Resort French Quarter = $279/night
  • Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort = $285/night
  • The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort = $450/night
  • Disney’s Port Orleans Resort Riverside = $279/night
  • Disney’s Colorado Springs Resort = $226/night

As a result of the large year-round fluctuations in room rates, the prices shown here are merely typical ones that I have come across.

Disney Deluxe Resort

The best and by far the most amenity filled properties at Walt Disney World are Disney Deluxe Resorts. Follow the link for in depth review of staying at a Deluxe Resort. However, higher lodging costs go hand in hand with that added luxury and amenities.

These are resorts that WDW visitor will visit even when they aren’t staying there. We always make it a point to visit the monorail resorts each trip just due to the restaurants available. And of course, what character dining option is more popular than Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary?

Following are the names of Disney Deluxe Resorts and their average nightly room rates:

  • Disney’s Boardwalk Inn = $531/night
  • Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort = $588/night
  • Disney’s Contemporary Resort = $495/night
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge = $526/night
  • Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort = $706/night
  • Disney’s Beach Club Resort = $590/night
  • Disney’s Wilderness Lodge = $407/night
  • Disney’s Yacht Club Resort = $501/night

The prices shown here are only the average ones I have seen because of the significant year-round changes in accommodation rates. Deluxe Resorts have by far the most considerable price variety when compared to other categories of resorts, with costs fluctuating by hundreds of dollars according to the season.

These also book up very quickly, so we encourage to book 6+ months in advance to get the best rate.

Walking down Main Street to Cinderella’s Castle

Disney Deluxe Villa

Disney Deluxe Villas, which include a few extra room amenities including a full kitchen and more bedrooms, are available at Deluxe Resorts.

These are great options for large families that are travelling with more than 5 people.

Disney Deluxe Villas’ regular nightly accommodation rates are:

  • Disney’s Polynesian Village and Bungalow = $588/night
  • Animal Kingdom Villas Jumbo House = $683/night
  • The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort – $707/night
  • Disney’s Boardwalk Villas = $530/night
  • Boulder Ridge Villas = $473/night
  • Disney’s Riviera Resort = $605/night
  • Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Resort = $581/night
  • Animal Kingdom Villas Kidani Village = $526/night
  • Copper Creek Villas and Cabins Lodge = $473/night
  • Disney’s’ Saratoga Springs = $485/night
  • Disney’s’ Beach Club Vilas = $732/night
  • Disney’s Old Key West Resort = $407/night

As a result of the large year-round fluctuations in room rates, the prices shown here are merely typical ones that I have come across.

Disney World Off-Property Resorts

Due to the sheer number of resorts outside the boundaries of Disney World, it is nearly difficult to give an accurate price.

However, location and hotel type are the two main aspects you must consider while looking at off-property resorts. On Disney property, Bonnet Creek is home to a few premium resorts, with rates comparable to those of the Deluxe resorts.

Their costs are comparable to moderate resorts when looking at Disney Springs neighborhood homes. Truthfully, there is a fantastic hotel nearby for any hotel budget you have in mind.

For certain off-property resorts, including some in Disney Springs, below are a few sample room rates for February 2023. The dolphin, Swan, and Swan Reserve were also included.

  • Walt Disney World Swan Reserve = $414/night
  • Wyndham Lake Buena Vista = $144/night
  • Walt Disney World Swan = $431/night
  • Homewood Suites by Hilton = $127/night
  • Walt Disney World Dolphin = $281/night
  • JW Marriott Orlando Bonnet Creek = $440/night

Other fantastic areas are as follows if you are planning on driving to Disney World, or renting a car on your trip:

International Drive

Unquestionably the busiest tourist destination, with many lodging options, resorts, dining options, and entertainment options, including Top Golf. It’s here where Universal Studios is most accessible.

Flamingo Crossing

Near the Disney College Program housing complex, a new shopping and food area has opened near 429.

Lake Buena Vista

The neighborhood behind Disney Springs is populated by many large restaurant brands and more modestly priced, smaller hotels. Additionally, the Premium Outlets on Vineland are only a 5-minute drive away once you pass I-4.


Numerous eateries and motels, like the Margaritaville Resort and its nearby budget water park, can be found along the U.S. 192 stretch that runs behind Animal Kingdom. A great Target and a few mini-golf courses are also nearby.


There are a few resorts and hotels strewn about as this is where both Sea World and Aquatica are situated. However, Disney Springs and the outlets are only 7 minutes away because of its proximity to I-4 and International Drive. I wouldn’t prioritize this neighborhood unless you must be close to Sea World.

How much to budget for Disney World Tickets

There’s no way around it, Disney World Theme Park tickets are pricey. To be quite honest, there many practical ways to save money here unless you go to a retailer who is allowed to sell Disney tickets, like Undercover Tourist. Even in those situations, don’t expect to save a significant amount of money.

The best way to save money on tickets is planning to go during a lower traffic period. Admission rates vary according to the season, holidays, and weekends, your best bet is to visit on a less expensive day.

Here is an illustration of how much a specific date’s tickets cost within a month. And as you can guess, the highest priced period is a holiday 3 day weekend where kids are out of school.

Ticket Prices for February 2023

Also keep in mind, the ticket price is the same for all four Disney World theme parks.

On Disney’s official website, some nice discounts are available for Florida residents or veterans, but don’t expect a huge percentage off. For a breakdown of more ways to save on Disney World Tickets, we have an in depth review at this link.

Park Ticket Options

Four Day Park Hopper Ticket

  • Visit multiple parks per day = $511.40

1 Day Base Ticket

  • Choose one park per day with no Park-Hopping = $109

Four Day Base Ticket

  • Choose one park with no park-hopping = $426.40

1 Day Park Hopper Ticket

  • Visit multiple parks in one day = $174

In conclusion, a family of four will pay $1,705.60 (or $426.60 per person) for base park tickets, which include 1 park per day.

Park Hopper tickets will cost you $2,045.60 (or $511.40 per person), and allow you to visit multiple parks per day.


A new addition to Walt Disney World is Genie+. This service will run you $15 per day per ticket if you want to use the new Lightning Lane to access one of the 40 attractions across all four parks. This is a new feature at Disney World, and you’ll want to get acquainted with it before visiting.

Main Street USA

Here’s a quick overview of Genie+ and the typical price of the well-liked Individual Lightning Lane attractions:

  • Each ticket for a Genie+ costs $15 per day.
  • The price of a single Lightning Lane attraction can range from $9 to $17.

Therefore, adding Genie+ to your trip will cost an additional $60 per day and $240 for the entire trip.

Lastly, you can purchase your Disney World park tickets through Undercover Tourist to save anywhere from $6 to $72.

Tip: Check the operating hours on the official Disney World website before making a reservation at Magic Kingdom. It helps to confirm if there is a holiday party or other special event scheduled for that day. Nothing is worse than paying $139 for a ticket to leave the park by 4 PM.

How much to Budget for Meals

The food at Disney World is relatively expensive compared to dining at any other location. Even if you’ve visited before, It may surprise you how much more you’ll pay for food at Disney than on past vacations. Inflation has hit everywhere and that includes the most Magical Place on Earth. Also the dining plan is no longer offered, so you’ll have to set aside this money for while you’re in the parks and resorts.

Based on my analysis, you’ll spend around $1300 for meals, snacks, and drinks for 7 days. Now this is always assuming you’ll eat and drink only at Disney World for that period. An option to save money, is to use Walmart+, Amazon Prime, or Uber Delivery to get groceries for the hotel room. We always order our own snacks and bottled water to take in to the parks.

The average price for each Walt Disney World meal, including drinks and appetizers, is as follows:

Quick Service

  • Lunch and dinner for kids cost about $7.99
    • Breakfast for adults costs approximately $14.99
    • Lunch and dinner for adults cost approximately $14.99
    • Breakfast for kids costs about $7.49

Table Service

  • Dessert at are around $8 to $9 on average
  • The average meal cost for kids is $13 
  • The average meal cost for adults is $27 


  • Lunch and diner buffets for kids cost $25.67
  • Breakfast buffets for adults cost $27
  • Lunch and dinner buffets cost $43.33
  • Breakfast buffets for kids cost $15.50


  • Lunch and dinner for kids cost $36
  • Family-style breakfast for adults costs $42
  • Lunch and dinner for adults cost $55
  • Family-style breakfast for kids costs $27

Character Dining

  • Lunch and dinner for kids cost $35
  • Character breakfast for adults costs $42
  • Lunch and dinner for adults cost $48 
  • Character breakfast for kids costs $27


  • Snacks cost about $6 


  • Beer is about $10
  • Cocktails average around $11 to $14
  • Wine is about $11.50 to $14

Extra Add-Ons (Holiday Parties, Mini-Golf, Water Parks, etc.)

You may add on a few extras to your Disney World vacation, including going to one or both water parks, playing mini or real golf, or going to a holiday party.

Here is a breakdown of the typical prices for each additional add-on.

Disney Water Parks

Disneyworld has two water parks: Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon one-day tickets cost $69 for adults (10 and older) and $63 for youngsters (ages 3 to 9).

Disney’s Blizzard Beach is now closed; thus, prices are unavailable.

Disney World Holiday Parties

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party are the two main holiday events for which tickets can be purchased.

Ticket prices for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party range from $99 to $189 for kids and $109 to $199 for adults at the beginning of the 2022 season (ages 3 to 9).

The price of the tickets increases as Halloween approaches. The cheapest month, excluding the first party date, in August, followed by the first week of September.

We’ve been multiple times are Halloween and Magic Kingdom dressed up for the season is really something to see. Lots of fun and the weather is almost perfect with mid 80’s for the high.

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Returns

After a two-year break, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party will officially return in 2022. Adult tickets cost between $149 and $199, while kid tickets cost between $139 and $189. (ages 3 to 9).

The cost of the gatherings increases as Christmas approaches, especially in the final week before Christmas. Additionally, during the first week of December, you may save $10 on each ticket if you hold a Disney World Annual Pass.

Disney World After Hour Events

WDW also hosts “Disney After Hours” events, where guests buy a special event ticket for three more hours in the park and complimentary snacks and drinks.

Disney H2O Glow After Dark at Typhoon Lagoon, which takes place every Weekend from June 25 to August 27, 2022, is the only event currently on sale.

Tickets for H2O Glow After Hours are $75 for adults and $70 for kids aged 3 to 9.

Disney Mini-Golf

Technically, there are two venues with four different Disney mini-golf courses. These are the costs:

  • Winter Summerland Winter = $12 per child (ages 3-9) and $14 per adult
    • Fantasia Gardens = $12 per child (ages 3-9) and $14 per adult
    • Winter Summerland Summer = $12 per child (ages 3-9) and $14 per adult
    • Fairways Miniature Golf = $12 per child (ages 3-9) and $14 per adult

I believe that the best mini-golf course on the property is Fantasia Gardens. Although I may be biased, I think it to be the greatest in Orlando and worth checking it out. But if you want a challenge and a more authentic golfing experience, try Fairways.

Disney World Golf Tee Times

On-site golfing options at Disney include the Oak Trail, Lake Buena Vista, Palm courses, and Magnolia.

Although tee times cost varies greatly, You can play a round of 18 holes with a cart from $31 or up to $98 per person.

According to statistics, Lake Buena Vista is the least expensive course, with summer evening tee times costing just $31.

The nine-hole Oak Trail course costs $28 to $29 per hour.

Disney World Foot Golf

You read that correctly; there is a 9-hole footgolf course at Disney’s Oak Trail that the American FoodGolf League has approved.

At Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course, a round of footgolf costs $20 per person.

Fun walk to Tomorrowland

Transportation (Flights, Uber, and Rental Cars)

This year, airfare can vary wildly depending on departing airport and carrier. And right now, there isn’t much difference in flight costs in the summer and around the holidays. Any way you look at it, it’s very costly. It’s so pricey that a domestic ticket to Florida costs less than a trip to Europe from the east coast. Before COVID we were able to get round ticket prices for under $100, but I think those days are behind us for a while.

I would anticipate paying about $300 – $500 per person for airfare.

Use Google Flights to Save

In my experience, Google Flights has been the best resource for finding the lowest-priced flights, mainly their price graph function. I can now view each month’s cheapest travel days thanks to this. There is also an option to save the search and have results emailed to you on a regular basis.

Here is an illustration of a price graph From Google Flights for a single economy flight from Los Angeles to Orlando between February and March 2023:

Price Graph from Google Flights

Additionally, some families might travel by car, which is often more affordable than flying, especially if ticket costs stabilize. But gas prices always play a factor in that.

Orlando International Airport (MCO) Car Rental

The main car rental options at MCO are as follows:

  •  Thrifty
    • Alamo
    • Sixt
    • Avis
    • Payless
    • Budget
    • National
    • Dollar Car Rental
    • Hertz
    • Enterprise

I suggest using Kayak to compare all the prices simultaneously to save time. However, I like to stick with a few businesses, such as National and Avis, with whom I haven’t had too many problems.

Thanks to the monorail, extensive bus, and Skyliner network, you won’t even require a rental car at Disney World. However, if you want to explore the cities around Disney or go to other attractions like Universal Studios or Sea World, renting a car is a more affordable option than using Uber or Lyft to get around town. The cost of an Uber from Pop Century to Legoland is between $60 and $75.

Note: It costs around $24 one-way in an UberX to get from Disney World property to Universal Studios Orlando.

Walt Disney World Uber and Lyft

Speaking of Uber or Lyft, if you don’t want to rent a car but still want to get to your Disney Resort via Mears Connect (Disney’s Magical Express replacement), using a ride-share service is your best option.

UberX will typically cost around $45 to bring you from the airport to Disney World resort (MCO). Thus, this all relies on the time of day and commuting times. Surge pricing, however, has occurred frequently.

Sometimes I spent $19 to enter Disney World, while other times, a typical ride would have cost far over $60. Additionally, read our comprehensive guide if you want to learn more about utilizing Lyft, Uber, and even Minnie Vans at Disney World.

How much does Disney World parking cost?

Standard parking at Disney World’s theme parks starts at $25 per day, while premium parking costs between $45 and $50 per day.

Visitors to Disney World pay a single price for a valid parking pass throughout the day at all four theme parks.

There are currently three parking options: extensive, preferred, and standard.

At Disney World, Preferred Parking allows you to park in a designated lot that is much closer to the park gates.

  • Standard parking costs $25 per day for a motorcycle or car.
  • Preferred parking costs $45 to $50 daily for a motorcycle or car.
  • Oversized parking costs $30 per day for a limo, Camper trailer, Shuttle, RV, tractor-trailer, or bus.

All guests who have checked into a Disney Resort hotel and some annual pass holders are entitled to free standard parking. For an additional $20$25, these visitors can upgrade to premium parking for the day.

All four theme parks have designated charging stations that you can use if you own a Tesla or any other electric vehicle. To utilize these charging stations, you will require a credit card or ChargePoint card with pre-loaded funds. The price per kilowatt hour is $0.35 with a $1.50 minimum.

The cost of overnight self-parking at Disney Resorts now varies depending on the resort type.

  • Moderate Resort parking costs $20 per night.
  • Value Resort parking costs $15 per night.
  • Valet parking costs $33 per night.
  • Deluxe Resort and Villas parking costs $25 per night.

All visitors have free parking at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Disney’s Blizzard Beach waterparks. Additionally, parking at Disney Springs is free and available in the three parking levels with access to Disney Springs and the surface parking lot. Additionally, valet parking is offered for a flat fee of $20 per day.

Overall Disney World Budget for Family of 4 for 7 days / 6 Nights

An average 6-night Disney World vacation for a family of four will cost roughly $7,500, which covers lodging, transportation, park admission, and meals.

Hopefully, this article has assisted you in accurately estimating how much a trip to Disney World might cost. And you also know where you can make trade offs to decrease the overall price.

I’ve put together a spreadsheet that you can use to start your own budget built around actual dates and hotels you choose. Just download and start to fill in the sheet and it’ll do all the math for you.

It’s also a great option to print off and share with the family to start discussing priorities and where you may want to use money on extras.  What if everyone agreed to only eat quick service and you could put that money towards an extra evening event?

We hope to see you in the parks and would love to hear feedback on how you budget!