Does Disney World have anything Encanto?

On February 9th, 2023, visitors to EPCOT via The International Gateway entrance of the park happened upon an extraordinary sight. Mirabel from the fantastical and magical Madrigal family was seen laughing and taking photos. Enchanting all who were in her presence. Though we were surprised by the best way to get a glimpse of the... Continue Reading →

The Basics of Disney Vacation Club

Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is a popular timeshare program that allows members to enjoy various Disney experiences. DVC has something for everyone, from luxurious resorts and spacious villas to exciting theme parks and unforgettable adventures. Many Disney Fans are interested in DVC but need to learn how it works. In this article, we will explore... Continue Reading →

The Magic of Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort

New York inspired Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort. It gets its name from Saratoga Springs, known for its famous horse racing. Throughout the Victorian-style resort, you'll see horse-inspired decor, making this a perfect stay for horse-loving guests. As you step into the lobby, appropriately referred to as the Carriage House, you'll be greeted by beautiful portraits... Continue Reading →

Can You Meet Raya at Disney World?

Kumandra might be closer than we think! Raya made her Walt Disney World debut in November of 2022 in the "Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade" at Magic Kingdom! Raya replaced Moana on one of the main floats that she now shares with Merida, Elena, Mulan, and Pocahontas. This makes for quite a sight as we see... Continue Reading →

All The Rides at Walt Disney World Resort

Disney World is the most enchanting place on Earth, and its rides are a big part of that magic. From classic attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean and It's a Small World to thrilling coasters like Space Mountain, there's something for everyone at Disney World. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned Disney-goer, this... Continue Reading →

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